Zhang Wenhong says he can’t drink porridge

Because a child “cannot have porridge for breakfast”
Zhang Wenhong, who caused a heated discussion,
Make a voice to answer why you can’t have porridge.
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Once said that “you can’t have porridge for breakfast”
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a professor of infectious diseases in Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Zhang Wenhong, attended the prevention and control of a new crown pneumonia epidemic in April 15th afternoon. “Your family is fat and thin, and love to love food. During this period, you should pay more attention to the structure of his diet.”
“Never give him junk food. He must eat something with high nutrition and protein. Every morning, he should prepare enough milk and eggs. After eating, he can go to school. In the morning, he is not allowed to eat porridge.”
Zhang Wenhong’s words aroused hot discussion on the Internet. Some people think that he worships foreign countries and fawns on foreign countries.
Why don’t you have porridge for breakfast instead of egg and milk? Zhang Wenhong responds
Zhang Wenhong said that many netizens criticized one of them but he did not accept it. What does antibody production against virus depend on? It’s all protein.
He thinks that the most important thing for severe to mild disease is to ensure nutrition and protein. At this time, depending on porridge and pickles, you will be in trouble. What’s more, Chinese people like to drink fish soup most, and fish dregs should also be eaten, which are all protein.