Zhong Nanshan will resume classes now

The reporter learned from the Ministry of education that on the afternoon of April 20, the Ministry of Education held a video conference on the report of school epidemic prevention and control experts. Zhong Nanshan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the national respiratory disease clinical research center, introduced the situation of international epidemic prevention and control at the conference, and said, “I’d like to return to class now.”.
On the same day, Zhong Nanshan said at the video conference that today’s meeting of the Ministry of education is of historical significance. Because there are not many, or very few, countries around the world that have put resumption on the agenda, and we have started this work, which is very meaningful.
With regard to the situation of international epidemic prevention and control, Zhong Nanshan pointed out that the situation of the whole world is still upward. At home, in a very strong intervention situation, it is now well controlled. In this case, we go back to work, especially to school, in a very special situation of vector difference.
He said that most of the Chinese people are not immune, and the secondary infection caused by foreign input exists at any time, “but we must start to go back to school under strict prevention and control. This is a new topic, which needs everyone’s joint efforts. How to play this game well, balance the relationship between returning to school, restoring the economy and resisting the infection caused by the expansion of foreign input. “
He also said that at present, according to our group prevention and control mechanism, it is not surprising that there are some input or infection, and there are individual or small amount of input transmission will not form a major epidemic.
In the aspect of campus epidemic prevention and control, Zhong Nanshan reminded that at the beginning of school, clustering is most likely to cause mutual infection, so it is very important to reduce clustering. For example, it is necessary to take proper consideration of staggered peak classes (although there will be many difficulties, it is necessary to have such a process at the beginning), space between seats, and dormitory ventilation. At the same time, we should pay attention to foreign infection, especially the situation of overseas students with contact history. In addition, he reminded us to have a sense of protection and keep vigilance. When students have discomfort, fever or sudden fatigue, cough and other situations, we should pay attention to the outpatient service and examination as soon as possible to avoid repeated outbreaks.
Zhong Nanshan believes that although it’s very difficult to go back to school, we must do enough to learn to move forward. He stressed, “I generally mean, I’m in favor of going back to class now.”
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Do you need to wear a mask after class? Ministry of education response
On the afternoon of March 31, the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the education in low-risk areas, such as the opening and resumption of classes. At the meeting, novel coronavirus pneumonia, the director of the office of the leading group of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention department and director of the Department of sports health and arts education, Wang Dengfeng, introduced the Ministry of education.
Is it necessary to wear masks? In fact, he said, the state has issued guidance on wearing masks. In low-risk areas, classes in school classrooms are a very crowded place, which requires wearing masks. When there are not so many people in the outdoor, sports ground and the space between people is relatively large, masks can be avoided. But on the whole, in order to ensure the smooth start of the whole school work and the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control work, all schools around the country have made detailed regulations on the good self prevention and control measures that students should take, because the requirements of epidemic prevention and control in all regions are not the same, so it may be that each school has some minor differences, but overall, it is still necessary to ensure security All, as a prerequisite for the start of school.