Luo Zhixiang apologizes

Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing break up drama, this melon has not eaten. In the dynamic of Zhou Yangqing’s official announcement and separation, Luo Zhixiang’s personal establishment in everyone’s mind has completely collapsed, and the image of “slag man” is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. According to Zhou Yangqing’s complaint, the female artists’ makeup artists have long-term improper relationships with men and women, and often hold multi person sports that normal people can’t imagine. Faced with these facts, piggy didn’t quibble, just said sorry in response.
At 5:00 a.m. on April 24, Luo Zhixiang updated the news again. It seems that the pig PR team will have a series of actions before the melon is finished.
Luo Zhixiang said in the dynamic: for this feeling, he solemnly apologized to Zhou Yangqing. In the past nine years, you have paid all for me. I don’t know how to cherish the people I love most. I have been lucky and cheated again and again, which makes you hurt and sad. Apologize to all women who have been cheated and disrespected. At last he said: I will bear the consequences of all this.
On the whole, Luo Zhixiang has a good attitude of admitting his mistake, and at the same time shows his strength in a low-key way. He is not only Zhou Yang’s green artists who love him.
For Luo Zhixiang’s apology once again, we didn’t catch a cold. I hope you are serious about apologizing, not for the sake of money. I feel that Zhou Yangqing has a lot of evidence in his hand, and dare not argue. If you want to apologize seriously, you have already apologized in private. It must be to save people.
In fact, there is nothing new about Luo Zhixiang’s apology. It’s just a letter of apology that looks serious. As a public relations team, I think it must be all night to wash the white for Luo Zhixiang. After all, the variety show about Luo Zhixiang has been recorded and has not been broadcast. The breakup scandal will undoubtedly have a serious impact on camp 2020 and youth with you 2, and may also claim for compensation from Luo Zhixiang.
On the evening of April 23, the update of the program group of “youth has you” indicates that the online time of the 13th issue of the positive film will be slightly delayed. Netizens speculated that it was because of Luo Zhixiang’s breakup.
After the collapse of the people’s facilities, Luo Zhixiang had more business activities, endorsements and programs were withdrawn. Taiwan media said Luo Zhixiang lost at least 80 million yuan.
Zhou Yangqing’s revelations have won the sympathy of many people and women from the past. He ChaoLian said, “I have experienced what you have experienced, and I know how painful it is. I admire your bravery.”. And Zhou Yangqing is full of envy that I will be as happy as you in the future. Zheng Shuang said: your 9 years I love, your words, still love him
It is estimated that in these days, both sides of the breakup will take the next step. Can Luo Zhixiang wash white again as before? We’ll see