Baby sleeping behind death

In recent days, the hot topic of mother group chat is the news that the three-month-old baby died due to the training of sleeping on the stomach. During this period, the baby’s mother is like a “puppet”, being “pulled” by the mothers in the sleep training group. Until the child’s lips are purple and there is no breath Many mothers said it was unbelievable and hard to let go.
The involved sleep training organization and founder “cheese wonton” were also questioned as not qualified to do sleep counseling.
Several mothers told our reporter that they have been in a wechat group with “little wonton with cheese” (hereinafter referred to as “wonton mother”) and the parents of dog son and Qian Qian, the childcare teacher of the institution, for more than two years. They have something to say
Sad mom has something to say
These days, because of this sad news, I feel very sad. The night I knew about it, I couldn’t sleep. At last, I got into my child’s little bed and hugged him tightly before I fell asleep.
In October 2017, I purchased the course of Xiaotu big orange (hereinafter referred to as Xiaotu), a famous sleep training advocate in China, and entered the monthly age group formed by Xiaotu. Here, I met wonton mom, Gouzi mom, Qianqian mom and some other moms who were also troubled by sleep problems.
In this group, everyone is very harmonious, often sharing all kinds of parenting experience, sleep knowledge, as well as the problems encountered in sleep guidance for their own baby.
However, because we are not allowed to share the links to buy goods in the small soil group, more than a month later, we, the mothers who love to buy and buy, have reorganized a group, which is mainly used to share all kinds of mother and child products purchased and all kinds of problems encountered in child care. In addition to the enthusiasm of mom’s answer questions, you can also make complaints about the Tucao, and soon the group is hot. The impression is that the group starts with less than 200 people and ends with 500 people. It takes less than half a year.
Wonton’s mother is the leader of the group. Because her children can go to sleep on their own early, and she is also very enthusiastic to answer all kinds of questions of mothers, everyone trusts her very much. The group was named: learning bully baby camp, the implication is that their children are very strong, learning ability is very strong, early learned to sleep on their own. I hope that all the mothers in the group can cultivate “Xueba baby”.
Slowly, the theme of the group becomes how mothers and their children go to sleep by themselves. During this period, it caused a lot of pressure for many mothers who had not yet fallen asleep on their own. I remember some of them expressed strong anxiety and even despair in the group. Some mothers will keep asking why if they find that their children are a little different from those in textbooks or shared with “spiritual leaders” in the group? How to guide?
In retrospect, in the early days, when wonton’s mother shared with her children in the group, she once climbed the stairs with her children to sleep, and slowly evolved into sleeping in bed. All in all, it’s a very gentle way of guidance. I don’t see her saying that she wants to train sleeping.
In the group, the children of Gouzi mother and Qianqian mother also went to sleep on their own early. Together with wonton mother, they provided a lot of experience in sleep guidance for many new mothers. It can be felt that their three mothers have a good relationship. But I didn’t know that their three mothers had run a parenting consulting company until the incident of baby sleepover and death broke out.
It’s only from the middle of 2018 that we can occasionally see discussions in the group. Wonton’s mother started to pay for one-on-one infant sleep counseling.
Later, I clearly felt that after the dog mother and humble mother became the core of the group, their tone and attitude of answering questions changed, and they had a sense of superiority after being worshipped by the group. New mothers also worshipped their words, showing a very high loyalty.
Later, because my child’s sleep problem is getting better, I haven’t paid much attention to the discussion of sleep problems in the group. But I’m sure that at that time, whether it was wonton mother, Gouzi mother, Qianqian mother or the mothers in our group, we all knew that sleeping on the ground was risky and would not let our children sleep on the ground.
In a word, I have gained a lot in this group. It can be said that in my most difficult time, I survived by this group. I put every parenting problem I met in this group, and my mothers were very enthusiastic to give me suggestions. I also put a lot of anxiety and depression in this group, and my mothers also actively relieved me.
After the accident, no matter I was in xiaotuyueling group or “xuebabao” group where wonton’s mother was, everyone was very angry. They pointed to wonton’s mother, Gouzi’s mother, Qianqian’s mother and their parenting consulting agency. They all felt that they did not have professional sleep knowledge to guide scientific knowledge reserve from their individual experience.
However, unfortunately, in this group, neither the mother of wonton, the mother of Gouzi and the mother of Qianqian, the leader of the group, came out to say a word. When the discussion was very fierce, the assistant in the group issued a statement with official seal, and then dismissed the wechat group which carried a lot of mother’s memory.