Where does the new coronavirus come from

Where does the new coronavirus come from? It has always been the focus of public opinion. Although Wuhan, China is the first region to report the outbreak, the origin of the new coronavirus is supported by many studies, not from China.
French research: the French epidemic is caused by a virus strain circulating locally
Novel coronavirus pneumonia in France is triggered by a virus strain unknown to the source of the disease, according to a study published in April 28th by the French Pasteur Institute. The research results have been published in advance on the US biological paper archives.
According to the announcement, Pasteur Research Institute sequenced and compared 97 samples of French new coronavirus collected from January 24 to March 24, and compared them with 338 virus gene sequences released by the global initiative for sharing influenza data to establish a virus evolution tree map. Through comparative study, it is found that the new coronavirus in France comes from the evolutionary branch of a virus that has been circulating in China.
After in-depth analysis, the researchers found that the virus branches of the epidemic in France are different from the imported cases reported in China and Italy. “Now we have come to the conclusion that the inference about the geographical origin of viruses is not reliable,” said Etienne Simon lorier, one of the study’s leaders and head of RNA virus evolutionary genomics at the Pasteur Institute
Italian research: Italian communication may be earlier than China’s
In fact, it’s not just France. Previous studies in Italy have also shown that Italy may have spread the new coronavirus earlier than China.
On March 25 local time, according to ansa news agency of Italy, under the coordination of the Health Bureau of Lombardy region, 14 research centers published their jointly completed research reports on arXiv, a preprint platform for academic papers. The results showed that novel coronavirus began to be popular in Lombardia in January 1, 2020, until the discovery of Italy’s 1 patient in February 20th.
In other words, the new coronavirus had been latent in Italy for nearly two months before it was found.
Before that, Giuseppe ramuzi, a famous Italian medical expert, made an important judgment: the new Italian crown epidemic, or spread before China! November 2019 may have become popular in Italy.
On March 17 this year, the scientific journal natural medicine also published a paper on the origin of sars-cov-2.
Robert Garry, a professor at Tulane University School of medicine, one of the authors, said that many people thought the virus originated in a seafood market in Wuhan, China, which may be a misunderstanding. “Our analysis and others point to an earlier origin than that.” “There must be some cases in that market in Wuhan, but they are not the source of the virus.”
U.S. research: the outbreak of A-strain is more found in the United States and Australia
On April 8, PNAs, an international well-known academic journal, published a research article entitled related variants and transmission path of virus. Dr. Peter Forster of Cambridge University, the first author of the article, pointed out that the new coronavirus can be divided into three variants: A, B and C. Among them: a virus is more found in the United States and Australia infected people. Class A has very few cases in Wuhan, and it comes from the Americans who have lived in Wuhan. Class A is most similar to the virus extracted from bats and pangolins. The researchers call a virus the “source of the outbreak.”. Class B virus is the main type in China (i.e. Wuhan), and has not spread out of East Asia. Class C virus is the main type in Europe. Hongkong, Singapore and Korea in Asia are of this type and are not found in Chinese mainland.
Finally, the researchers believe that class A virus evolved class B, class B evolved class C.