Clearing of medium and high risks in China

More than a month later, the middle and high-risk areas across the country were cleared again!
Today (7) novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic division of Jilin Province announced that according to the national new crown pneumonia epidemic zoning grading standard, the risk level of Jilin Fengman District was adjusted to low risk from June 7th. The risk level of Changyi district and ship camp area in Jilin was adjusted to low risk.
The governor of Chang’an Street noted that since then, the risk level of all counties in the country has been adjusted to low risk.
Before that, the whole country experienced a mid high risk clearing. On April 30, Chaoyang District, Beijing, the only high-risk area in China, reduced its epidemic risk level to low risk. On May 7, Linkou County in Mudanjiang City reduced from medium risk to low risk; on the same day, MI Feng, spokesman of the national health and Health Commission, announced that all counties in the country were adjusted to low risk.
However, also on May 7, Shulan, under the jurisdiction of Jilin City, Jilin Province, reported a local case of a 45 year old female laundryman. Since then, Fengman District, Chuanying District, Changyi district and Shenyang City in Liaoning Province have also seen cases, causing more than 40 infections.
Since May 9, many local cases have been reported in Dongxihu District of Wuhan city.
Since then, the risk level of Shulan city and Fengman District has been upgraded to high risk, and the local government has taken the measures of “closing the city”, while Changyi District, Chuanying District, Sujiatun District and Dongxihu District of Shenyang City have been upgraded to medium risk.
With the gradual alleviation of the above epidemic situation, the patients were cured and discharged, no new local cases were found, and the risk level was gradually reduced.
On June 2, East and West Lake District reduced from medium risk to low risk; on June 3, Shulan city reduced from high risk to low risk; on June 4, Sujiatun District reduced from medium risk to low risk. Today, Fengman District, Changyi district and Chuanying district are reduced to low risk at the same time.
Risk downgrade doesn’t mean everything is OK! Novel coronavirus pneumonia is still uncertain. We should do well in patient treatment and rehabilitation management, normalize prevention and control, prevent the rebound of the epidemic situation and consolidate the fruits not easily won.