Fallen students cried for 20 minutes

Two days ago, a sophomore at Zhongbei University cheated in the make-up exam, and was taken away by the invigilator teacher and then jumped to commit suicide. This afternoon (June 8), Ms. Zhang, a cousin, told dongfang.com.zongxiang that her family members were communicating with the school and hoped that the school would set up an investigation team to investigate the details of the incident.
At 2:00 p.m. on June 6, a sophomore from the school of software, Zhongbei university attended the make-up examination of probability theory course. At about 2:30 p.m. due to cheating, the paper and mobile phone were taken away.
After that, when the invigilator teacher stayed in the classroom. After the exam, at 2:56, he sent a wechat message to his mother saying “I’m sorry,” don’t think about me, I don’t deserve it. “
After finding out that the child’s condition is abnormal, a mother asked about the child’s condition in wechat and contacted his head teacher. At about 3:10, the head teacher called back and said that the child was taking the exam, which was normal. However, 20 minutes later, a mother received the news that the child jumped from the building.
At 2:58 p.m. that day, a student was passing by the No. 9 teaching building when he found someone falling down, and immediately called 120 and 110 of the school to call the police, according to the official microblog of Zhongbei University. School authorities rushed to the scene in time to deal with the crash, when a medical staff scene rescue invalid death.
According to the school’s notice, when someone cheated in the supplementary examination of the course, the invigilator teacher found that he had collected his papers, and when someone left the examination room, he unfortunately fell down. Classroom monitoring and testimonies of students in the same examination room confirmed that there was no conflict in the examination room.
Zhang, a cousin of Shi, told dongfang.com.zongxiang news reporter that the surveillance video showed that Shi did bring his mobile phone into the examination room and put it in the drawer, but he didn’t cheat. Later, the invigilator teacher found Shi’s mobile phone and came to collect his test paper.
Ms. Zhang said that after the invigilator found out that Shi had cheated, he asked Shi to sign a letter of responsibility to admit that he had cheated. He also called the dean of the college and sent his cheating information to the wechat group. This series of operations brought huge pressure to the children.
“If the general process is followed, even cheating should not be announced on the spot, but students should be given a period of buffer time. “
According to Ms. Zhang’s description, everything from the dormitory to the examination room was normal and her mood was stable. After being found cheating in the examination room, “there were nearly 20 minutes of crying, helplessness and uneasiness”.
In her opinion, the invigilator and the head teacher failed to guide the children in time, and the children’s abnormal mood eventually led to tragedy.
Because the surveillance video has only pictures and no sound, it is unclear what the invigilator and the child said at that time, and whether these details are related to the child’s jumping off the building.
In addition, Ms. Zhang believes that after the parents call to inform the children of their abnormal mood, the head teacher fails to find out the child’s own verification, and there is also a certain degree of dereliction of duty.
At present, when a family member is communicating with the school, he has met the Secretary of the Party committee and the president of the college. Ms. Zhang told dongfang.com.zongxiang that she hoped that the school would set up an investigation team to investigate the incident in depth.