Beijing has entered an extraordinary period

Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus pneumonia municipal government spokesman Xu Hejian said at the 115th press conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing at noon on June 14th. Municipal government spokesman said that the sixty-eighth meeting of the leading group of Beijing new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work pointed out that the city has been continuously diagnosed and tested positive for nucleic acid recently. And are associated with the new wholesale market, Beijing has entered an extraordinary period. We need to tighten the chain of epidemic prevention and control at all times, resolutely and decisively deal with it in accordance with the unified deployment, resolutely block the transmission channels of the epidemic, and resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic.
The meeting stressed that the wholesale market of Xinfadi should be closed and closed, and the surrounding residential areas and other places should be managed in a closed manner. We will further expand the scope of investigation, and carry out personnel, environmental, food and other tests in the direct stores of Xinfadi community and other related communities, restaurants, canteens and other places, and deal with them decisively in case of any situation. On the basis of doing a good job in environmental sampling and testing, the wholesale market of Xinfadi will be subject to comprehensive environmental killing and sanitation control. After the closed management of the community, we should guarantee the living materials of the residents. Strictly control the personnel entering Beijing and strengthen the inspection and Quarantine of inbound cargo aircraft and inbound cargo.
We should make every effort to ensure market supply. Set up temporary trading places such as vegetables near the wholesale market of Xinfadi, strengthen the contact with the surrounding markets of the city, coordinate the allocation of goods sources, ensure continuous supply and ensure the living needs of residents.
We should do a good job in tracing the origin of cases, expand the scope of flow regulation, expand the scope of medical observation for relevant personnel, expand the scope of nucleic acid detection, and expand the scope of sampling. Nucleic acid detection should be done as much as possible, willing to test as much as possible. All the people in the wholesale market of Xinfadi and the residents in the surrounding communities were tested for nucleic acid and medical observation measures were implemented. Strengthen the health screening, give full play to the sentinel monitoring role of fever clinic and community health service center, and check whenever there is a heat, and check whenever there is a heat. We should do our best to treat patients, improve the protection level of medical institutions, and prevent hospital sense.
Xu Hejian reminded the general public that since May 30, those who have close contact with the wholesale market of Xinfadi should take the initiative to report to the unit and community, and go to medical and health or testing institutions for nucleic acid testing.