Suffocation in the car of two boys

June 22, Guangzhou, Guangdong. 2 boys died of suffocation in the car as cousins. The boy’s family believed that the owner of the car had a certain responsibility, saying that the car was not locked, resulting in children entering. The owner’s family believed that they were not responsible. They said the car was parked in their own yard, and the two boys got into his own car.
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There are some misunderstandings in people’s understanding of such accidents:

  1. Heat or suffocation?
    Media reports often use “suffocation” to describe the cause of such accidents.
    In fact, unless the doors and windows are closed after parking and the engine is not turned off (usually to turn on the air conditioner), which causes carbon monoxide poisoning, there will be no “suffocating” accident.
    Because even if the doors and windows are closed, there will always be some gaps in the control device part of the vehicle bottom to allow oxygen to enter the vehicle to meet the needs of people’s breathing. On the contrary, the high temperature in the car caused by the greenhouse effect leads to the accident of hot dead people, which is “easy”. It is found that when the temperature reaches 35 ℃, the temperature in the closed car can rise to 65 ℃ after 15 minutes of sunlight exposure, and 15 minutes in such an environment can be fatal. Moreover, due to the incomplete development of children, the rate of temperature rise and water loss in the body is much faster than that of adults, and their respiratory system and heat resistance are not as good as that of adults. It is extremely easy to suffer from hypoxia, dehydration, dyspnea and other conditions, resulting in damage to nervous organs until death.
  2. This kind of accident can’t happen with the windows open
    In high ambient temperature, even with the windows open, the temperature in the car will rise rapidly to catastrophic temperature. In July 2001, an adult man in hainz County, Mississippi, slept in his car parked in a supermarket parking lot. Although the car window was open, he died of heat radiation sickness.
    Remember, this is still an adult.
  3. It’s only in summer that this tragedy happens
    Although such accidents are most common in summer, they can happen all year round. According to the literature, the lowest environment for this kind of accident is 16 ° C, which occurs in winter that you don’t expect.
  4. An accident only happens if you are left in the car for a long time
    Among 231 children who died of heat in the United States between 1999 and 2007, the time left in the car was 0.25-16 hours, with an average of 4.6 hours. Remember, tragedy only takes 15 minutes.
  5. The most important mistake is that many people are confident that “I will never do such a stupid thing”. The relentless truth is that this kind of stupidity can happen to anyone
    When such accidents happen, people usually blame the parents of the children who are most responsible for them for their lack of love and sense of responsibility, and they often firmly believe that such things will never happen to themselves. However, the fact is that more than 87% of children are left in the car by accident. More than 50% of them were left in the car by the caretaker. Secondly, due to negligence, only a few of them deliberately leave their children in the car because they are ignorant that such accidents will happen in the car. What you can’t imagine is that more than 65% of the responsible people are very responsible and caring parents of their own children. These include teachers, dentists, social workers, police, nurses, priests, soldiers and even rocket scientists.
    Experts decipher the truth behind the way to escape from the car
    In recent years, there have been news reports that the child was locked in the car and died of suffocation. The issue of car safety has aroused hot discussion among the public. Then wechat spread a post that taught the child how to escape in the car. The specific method is to press the horn to escape, but many people questioned this method. What is the right way to escape? What details should we pay attention to when driving a car to avoid being trapped? Wu fan, deputy director of science popularization culture center of China Society of automotive engineering, was specially invited to answer relevant questions in this regard.
    1 honk and double flash?
    Expert answer: first of all, it should be clear that the car horns and hazard warning lights (double flashing lights) are powered by batteries. In order to ensure the safety of consumers in the use process, the double flashing lights are in the state of constant power supply, that is to say, most vehicles can use the double flashing lights normally when the car is locked out.
    In addition, it is proved by experiments that not all models can honk the horn after flameout locking. Only the models with independent power supply can use the horn normally after flameout. To sum up, when children are trapped in the car, they may honk their horns and turn on the double flashing lights, but these behaviors are not enough to attract the attention of passers-by outside the car, or they will cause tragedy. Therefore, it is not feasible for children to escape by honking their horns and playing double flashing lights.
    How to escape without tools?
    Expert answer: now the car door lock is generally divided into mechanical and electronic type. The traditional mechanical door lock has unlocking speed on the upper part of the door panel or the position of the handle inside the door. Pull or move the unlocking speed to open the door.
    The electronic door lock cancels the traditional unlocking speed on the door panel, instead of the central control unlocking button. Most of the cars can open the door through the interior unlocking key when the car is locked out (it should be noted that the layout position of the unlocking keys of different models is different, which requires the personnel in the car to be familiar with the key position and master the use method skillfully). However, when the risk occurs, especially when children are locked in the car alone, the success rate of the above methods is very low due to physiological and psychological immaturity. Only develop good ones