14 people died in Sichuan rainstorm

Sichuan online news (reporter Wang Yun and he Qinhua) the reporter learned from the Information Office of Mianning County Government on July 1 that at present, the rescue and relief work for the “6.26” Torrential Rain Disaster in Mianning County, the transitional resettlement of the affected people and disaster statistics are in progress.
As of 23:00 on June 30, two missing persons were found dead in Yihai town during the search and rescue process. At present, 12 people have been killed and 5 people lost contact in Yihai town. The collapse of national highway 248 under the intersection of Mianning Expressway in Gaoyang District led to two passing vehicles falling into the river. Five of the 10 passengers were rescued, two were killed and three lost contact. The torrential rain has killed 14 people and lost contact with 8 people.
As of 23:00 on June 30, a total of 5660 people from 1778 households have been resettled in Yihai town and Gaoyang Street (more than 2296 people have been centrally resettled, and more than 3364 people have been resettled separately). According to statistics of Mianning County, the disaster caused a total of 738 million yuan of direct economic losses in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, infrastructure, housing and household property, industry, mining and commerce.