Autopsy results of zhuohu driver

Anshun Public Security Bureau of Guizhou Province reported the investigation results of bus falling into Lake in Xixiu District of Anshun on the 12th. According to the investigation, the suspect is the bus driver Zhang Xiaogang. Due to his dissatisfaction with the demolition of his rented public housing, in order to create influence, he committed extreme crimes against the public safety of unspecified groups, resulting in 21 deaths, 15 injuries and heavy losses of public property.
After autopsy and physical evidence examination, Zhang Xiaogang died of drowning and no fatal disease was found. Alcohol was detected in gastric contents, heart blood and urine (among them, the alcohol content in heart blood was 64.46 mg / 100 ml), and common drugs such as sleeping sedation, antisperm and drugs were excluded. 200 ml of liquid containing ethanol was detected from the beverage bottle extracted on site. After investigation, Zhang was not disturbed by other people’s body and language during driving.
At 12:12 on July 7, 2020, an Anshun No.2 bus with the number plate of GUI g02086d suddenly turned and accelerated when it reached the Hongshan reservoir dam in Xixiu District, crossed the opposite lane, smashed the guardrail and rushed into the reservoir. After all-out search and rescue, a total of 37 people were rescued, 20 of them died on the spot, 1 died after ineffective rescue, 15 were injured and 1 was not injured.
Suspect Zhang mengang, male, 52 years old, from Xixiu District, Anshun City, divorced. At 9:4 am on the day of the crime, Zhang bought liquor and drinks in a tobacco hotel near his residence. At 10:55, Zhang Xiaogang completed the shift handover with the driver on duty at Anshun East passenger station. At 12:9, Zhang took advantage of the passengers to get on and off the train, and drank the liquor in the drink bottle. At 12:12, when Zhang drove a bus to Hongshan reservoir dam in Xixiu District, he first slowed down to avoid traffic, then suddenly turned to accelerate, crossed five lanes, crashed into the guardrail and rushed into the reservoir.
According to the Information Office of Anshun Municipal People’s government, the relevant departments of Guizhou Province and Anshun City quickly formed an investigation group to investigate the case that Zhang’s house was demolished.
After investigation, when Zhang went to work in Xixiu Diesel Engine Factory (later renamed Xixiu Brewing Machinery Factory), the factory provided a set of self managed public housing for him to live in, and the property right belonged to the unit. On June 8, 2020, Zhang Xiaogang signed the “self managed public housing relocation subsidy agreement” with Xixiu District Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, which compensated 72542.94 yuan, but did not receive it. Zhang also applied for a set of public rental housing, which was not obtained. At about 8:30 am on July 7, Zhang came to the public house he rented and saw that the public housing would be demolished. At 8:38, Zhang called the government service hotline to express dissatisfaction that the application for public rental housing was not obtained and the leased public housing was demolished.
The investigation team will further investigate, and if there is any violation of law and discipline in the process of house demolition and reception of complaints, it will be dealt with seriously according to law and discipline.