Wuhan Xueba college entrance examination 725 points

On July 8, 2009, a Ms. Jin in Hubei wrote a diary, recording the heroic words of her daughter Tang Chuyue: “I may get 720 points in the future, with the minimum of 600 points, no, the lowest of 590 points, and will not be lower than this score.” At that time, only 7-year-old Tang Chuyue followed her mother to Wuhan University. She learned that she had to get at least 600 points to enter Wuhan University. She set a flag for herself.
Dream come true 11 years later: Tang Chuyue won the No.1 science student in Hubei college entrance examination with 725 points
On July 8, 2020, after finishing the last English test, Ms. Jin, the mother of Tang Chuyue, sent a circle of friends to recall the scene of her heroic words with little Chu Yue at that time. On July 23, they came to the desired result: 725 points. Tang Chuyue, from the First Affiliated Middle School of central China Normal University, became the science champion in Hubei Province in 2020.