The brick boy graduated

The boy who received the notice from the construction site has graduated. 2020 is bound to be the most extraordinary year. This year’s college entrance examination has attracted much attention because of the epidemic situation. He was born in SARS and took the examination in Xinguan, which was once a hot search. So, can the college entrance examination really change the fate? Is the college entrance examination really a turning point in life? Let’s learn about it.
The boy who received the notice at the construction site graduated
Four years ago, Wei Kailun, a child in the mountain village, received the admission notice from the National Defense University of science and technology. He was excited to shout to the mountain, “I’m going out!” four years later, Wei Kailun grew up from a young student to an officer, setting the course of his life. In July this year, he is about to graduate from college and go on a new journey to strengthen the army. Come on, boy!