Jing Tian admits plastic failure

On July 30, Jingtian freely admitted that cutting her eyelids became a “sad frog” in the live broadcast. Jingtian said that because of filming double eyelids with alcohol glue, she decided to do double eyelid catgut embedding after a serious allergy. However, the failure of embedding thread turned into a “sad frog”. Later, she also warmly reminded netizens who want to do micro plastic surgery to choose a good doctor in the hospital.
During the live broadcast, Jingtian talked about “special work”. After the failure of catgut embedding, her eyelids were swollen and worried every day. However, she said that she did not blame the people who buried the wires for her, and reminded everyone to think well before doing double eyelids.
After listening to the host said that she was too real, Jingtian candidly said, “what’s the matter? It’s nothing to do with a double eyelid.”.