Trump proposes to postpone the election

Recently, U.S. President trump has publicly called for the postponement of the November presidential election, saying that the increase in mailing votes due to the epidemic “may lead to fraudulent and inaccurate results.”.
Trump said the election should be postponed until people can vote “formally, safely and safely.”.
Although there is no evidence to prove that the so-called postal voting is unsafe and may lead to fraud, President trump has for a long time denounced that postal voting “may lead to fraud”.
The U.S. government’s electoral administration has proposed to encourage postal voting in the hope of simplifying procedures to help more school-age voters continue to fulfill their citizens’ democratic obligations in the panic of the epidemic.
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In a series of tweets, trump said that the “referendum” would make November’s election “the most inaccurate and fraudulently rampant” in history, and would make “the United States very embarrassed.”.
However, President trump failed to provide any evidence for his allegation that postal voting would be subject to various types of fraud.
“The Democratic Party talks about the influence of foreign forces, but they know that postal voting is most easily manipulated by foreign countries,” he said. He also alleges that in areas where postal voting has already taken place, the final result “proved catastrophic”.