My stage

Everyone has his own stage of love, and I also have my own stage of love, that is, writing. On the stage between the cubic inches, I am like a sapling growing constantly.
When I was young, my parents bought me a lot of picture books. I would read them while I picked up the color pen and scribbled them according to my preferences. In a short time, the book was vividly painted by me as a kitten. At that time, I was only one or two years old. There were only a few words I could write. All the words I wrote in the book were wordless. But I like to share my works with others. I always show them to others enthusiastically. As a result, people can’t understand what I’m doing. This may be my first contact with this stage.
Later, I grew up and learned many languages in kindergarten. So my favorite thing is to take the toys my parents bought me and weave wonderful stories. In the eyes of adults, I’m just playing with children’s favorite family, only I know I’m creating stories.
In my stories, plots are often ups and downs. As long as I feel unsatisfied, delete this paragraph and repeat it. I will play many roles in the story, even the tone of speech, the pause in speech, small I am very careful, not careless. In this way, in my mouth, childhood experience has become a wonderful story. Sometimes my parents will listen and comment on my new story while listening to it. Sometimes they will even help me put the scenes of the story more delicately… With the help of my family, I created stories by dictation. Wouldn’t it be a novel if it was written on paper? By this time I was almost on the writing stage.
Farewell to the kindergarten, I carried my schoolbag into the primary school. In the first grade of primary school, Mr. Wang found a small diary. Everyone is holding a small diary, with curiosity and expectations on their faces. The teacher told us that this is our diary. We can record the interesting events that happened that day on it or write what we thought was wonderful.
I was so happy because I finally found the stage I loved. I keep a diary on my diary every day, recording an interesting event in my class and around me. Teacher Wang and my classmates gave me a lot of encouragement and praised me as a small writer. I am more energetic on the stage.
But as the story grew longer and longer, I was in trouble. My article began to have mistyped words, sentences are not smooth place, sometimes for their article is not brilliant and frustrated. At this time, my parents gave me a lot of help. Every time they wrote a composition, they would accompany me, correct my wrong words, help me to deliberate the words in the article, and tell me to pay attention to the key points in writing. In this way, my writing level gradually improved day by day, and I finally became a small member of this stage.
By the third grade, my writing stage moved from a small diary to a large composition paper. Like the director on my stage, Mr. Wang taught me to pay attention to the structure of different types of articles, to the echo of context in writing, and to the description of details. Every time Mr. Wang commented on his composition, I listened very carefully and wrote down the points that I thought would be helpful to me. Teacher’s teaching, like a good medicine, let me learn more methods, on the stage with more and more props, performing more thoroughly.
The two most important ways that teachers teach me are reading and accumulation. Through persistent reading, I have learned many excellent works of literary heroes. Their storylines make me feel immersed in the scene. The beautiful and fluent words make me feel like spring breeze. In the process of reading, I realized the wider world and learned many good words and sentences unconsciously.
If reading is “moistening things silently”, then accumulation is the basis of “ten thousand tall buildings rise flat”. From the first grade, I always accumulated a few new words or my own wrong words every day, and used these words to make several sentences, and read several ancient poems. Through continuous accumulation, I have reduced my mistyping, learned to avoid illness sentences, and used poems more skillfully in writing.
If reading and accumulation are my magic weapon on the writing stage, then learning to polish my works is the secret I slowly learned on this stage. At first, when I wrote, I always thought that the article was finished. Through the explanations and demonstrations of teachers and parents, I gradually understand that a work needs to be polished with heart. My composition is like a rough, strange-looking stone at the beginning. After continuous polishing, it will gradually become a beautiful jade. After constant practice, I slowly developed the habit of polishing my works. Finally, with my efforts and sweat, I learned to express myself on this stage and became a thriving tree.
Writing accompanies my childhood and is also the stage I love. On this stage, my family witnessed my growth and my teachers guided my progress. My stage is full of criticism and tears, but full of flowers and encouragement. I would like to build a tower of sand on the stage between the cubic inches and become a towering tree.