Spend 230000 to buy tutoring exam 2 points

Recently, Ms. Zhou from Hebi, Henan Province, spent 230000 yuan on a tutorial class for her two children. The headmaster of the guidance class said: “as long as there is enough food and grass, there is no problem in the examination of foreign languages (provincial key middle schools) But high school entrance examination results come out, the child just took the test more than 200 points, physics is only 2 points! “Don’t speak a foreign language, you can’t even study it!”
However, the school authorities said that it was the children who did not learn, “our school did not make money, in fact, it also lost money”. When the reporter wanted to see the teacher’s teaching qualification, the principal directly refused and said, “it can’t be done now!” After the local education and Sports Bureau intervened in the investigation, it was found that the training school is currently full-time teaching, which does not conform to the registration and belongs to the illegal school running
Tianyan information shows that Yuanda education and training school of Qibin District, Hebi City, was established in January 2014, with sun pengbing as its legal representative and Qibin District Bureau of culture, education and sports as its business competent unit.
Henan bulletin “230000 buy counseling, physics test 2 points”: ordered institutions to suspend classes for rectification
On August 27, the education and Sports Bureau of Qibin District, Hebi City, Henan Province, attached great importance to the recent media report of “230000 buying tutoring physics test 2 points”. An investigation team was set up at the first time to conduct a detailed investigation on the whole incident. The investigation results are now released to the public.
1、 On the commitment of training institutions to school
In October 2019, Ms. Zhou, a citizen, sent her child and her cousin to Yuanda training school for one-on-two counseling for the third grade of junior high school. The parents of the students paid a total of 227600 yuan for four times. The parents of the students reflect that the oral commitment of the school can be admitted to the listed high school or the municipal foreign language middle school after training. Because the two sides have not signed a written training agreement, they can not confirm it now. After negotiation, both parties have reached an agreement on tuition refund between Yuanda training school and students’ parents.
2、 On training institutions running schools in violation of regulations
According to the investigation, Yuanda training school has the following problems: the training time is in conflict with the class time of primary and secondary schools, the teacher qualification certificate information is not publicized on the wall, and the class teachers are inconsistent with the registered teachers. Our bureau has issued the “rectification notice” to the training school, ordering it to suspend classes within a time limit. If the rectification and acceptance is not qualified, the school running license will be revoked.
In the next step, Qibin District Bureau of education and sports will strengthen the supervision of off campus training institutions, conduct centralized interviews on the standardization of school running behaviors of off campus training institutions, conduct a comprehensive investigation on the off campus training institutions within the jurisdiction, and put an end to similar incidents. Here, we sincerely hope that the parents of students should rationally choose off campus training institutions, sign necessary agreements and contracts, and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. At the same time, the media and the public should strengthen supervision to provide a good learning environment for children.
Qibin District Education and Sports Bureau
August 27, 2020