Pupils fainted and died in class

The reporter learned from an informed person that the dead student Lu was 12 years old and was a student of grade 6 in Funing normal school affiliated to Yancheng, Jiangsu Province.
On the afternoon of September 2, the third class was Chinese class. At about 16:50, Lu gave the dictation homework to the Chinese teacher to check. At the same time, several students took it to the teacher.
When the teacher was correcting Lu’s homework, Lu suddenly fell on the edge of the platform. The teacher took emergency measures and informed the school leaders. The school leaders immediately arrived and immediately called 120. The ambulance arrived at the scene in a few minutes and sent Lu to Funing County People’s Hospital for rescue. After the rescue failed, he died.
Informed sources told reporters that there was no corporal punishment and beating up Lu in the whole language class.
On the night of September 4,
Police issued a notice:
At about 16:50 p.m. on September 2, 2020, Lu XX (male, 12-year-old), a sixth grade student in Tongyu Road Campus of Funing normal school, suddenly fainted during class in the classroom, and was sent to Funing County People’s Hospital for rescue and death.
Through on-the-spot investigation, visiting and investigating the students in the same class and the forensic examination, it was found that the teacher did not have the behavior of physically punishing the students such as beating. The specific cause of Lu’s death needs to be examined by pathology.
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