Dining window for men and women in canteen

Recently, a school canteen in Jiangsu Province has launched a “boys’ meal” window and a “girls’ meal” window, causing heated discussion.
Network video shows that the dining window of the school canteen has two notices: “boys’ meal” and “girls’ meal”: Boys’ meal is 0.5 yuan / 100g, girls’ meal is 0.3 yuan / 50g. Some netizens said, “the more you buy, the cheaper the unit price is normal, but there is no need to separate gender.”
A school canteen in Jiangsu Province is now a male and female dining hall. Tiktok: 360999936
On September 18, a staff member of the Logistics Department of Jiangning campus of Jiangsu Economic and Trade Vocational and technical college said that he was not clear about the above situation, and the canteen was outsourced to Nanjing jubai Catering Management Co., Ltd.
On the same day, a staff member of Nanjing jubai Catering Management Co., Ltd. responded to the surging news( www.thepaper.cn )In response to the country’s call to save food, the “boys’ meal” window and the “girls’ meal” window were launched on September 6 this year. “Some boys can eat more, girls eat less, eat as much as they can, try to avoid waste.”
Why do you want the same weight of rice for girls? The person in charge said that he didn’t think so much about it at that time. If a girl eats too much and is short of 50g, the manager says that he can ask the window staff to play more when they are cooking, and the price is still charged according to the normal fee.
In response to the suspicion that there was “Gender Antagonism”, the person in charge responded that the starting point was to save food. In the past, the price of canteen rice was 50.150 g, but there was a phenomenon that many girls couldn’t finish eating and wasting. “Now, there are still some girls who can’t eat 50g rice.”