High price meat in government canteen

[the government canteen changed the price of meat from 18.5 yuan to 185 yuan, which caused the rectification]

the original purchase price of 18.5 yuan per kilogram of meat was changed to 185 yuan, and the 176 kg of children’s vegetables sent to the canteen was changed into 1776 Jin Such absurd practice appears in the canteen of Jiulongpo District, Chongqing. After investigating and dealing with the problem, the district Discipline Inspection Commission urged the relevant departments to carry out rectification. It turns out that Zhou, the former deputy director of the district’s Bureau of government affairs, Xu and he, the employee of the District, took advantage of their positions in managing the daily operation of the canteen, and focused on the “fat meat” of the goods procurement. Together with the canteen supplier Yuan Mou, they wantonly collected and privately distributed the public funds by falsely reporting the price and quantity of goods. According to the staff of the investigation group of the supervision commission of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhou and others have seized more than 1.86 million yuan of public funds through such operations. Not only that, Zhou and others also set up an offensive and defensive alliance to interfere with the inspection work. Finally, Zhou and Xu were expelled from the party and public office, and he was dismissed. Relevant issues have been transferred to the judicial organ for trial.