Death by intravenous drip in baby boy hospital

Everyone is celebrating the double festival in various forms, but Ms. Jia in Baoqing County, Heilongjiang Province, can’t extricate herself from the pain because her 15 month old son died suddenly during the intravenous drip in the hospital, and she could hardly carry it.

“It must be that I didn’t do well enough that you chose to give me up”
Ms. Jia told the Chinese Business Daily: “I was adopted since I was a child, and my adoptive parents have long passed away. Later, my elder brother and sister depend on each other. The child is the only one in the world who has blood relationship with me. Now the child is no longer here…”
The reporter saw that on September 26, Ms. Jia sent a video of a child playing drip in the hospital, and wrote “little pity”. On September 28th, I sent a lovely picture of the child, with the text “it must be that I did not do well enough, so you choose to give up me.”
Through Ms. Jia’s circle of friends, you can see the growth track of her child. From the lines, you can see a mother’s love for her child: “miss my eldest son.” “every time you grow up, my mother wants to show off.” “baby, your birthday is today. I wish you still lovely and happy.” “young man, you are the sweetest burden of mother. Love you.” “I fell off myself It’s hard for anyone to make meat of
The doctor said the inflammation was caused by the child’s hair sent to the hospital for testing
Ms. Jia said that the baby is 15.5 months old and is a lively and lovely boy. Because they usually work busy, no time to take care of the children, the children and their grandmother live in the countryside.
On September 25, the child ate a red bean. The grandmother was worried about the child’s health, so she took the child to the people’s Hospital of Baoqing County for film examination. The results showed that everything was normal, and the child’s mental state was normal, without any abnormal phenomenon.
“At about 8:00 a.m. on September 26, my mother-in-law called me to say that the child had some fever. She checked in Baoqing County Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. She told the doctor that the child had taken red beans the day before. The doctor checked that the child was normal and prescribed several medicines. She asked my mother-in-law to take the child home.” Ms. Jia said, “at noon that day, the child went to bed and woke up with a fever. Her mother-in-law immediately took the child to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for examination and test, and I rushed to the hospital. After the test results came out, the doctor said it was mainly the fever caused by inflammation, which needed to be given intravenous drip for about three days. We went through all kinds of procedures. After the sensitivity test, we began to inject. The child’s temperature was 38.8 ℃. The doctor suggested taking Merlin to cool down, so we did. A total of three groups of drugs, at that time, after the injection, the child was in a good mental state, and he was in a good state after returning home. “
The nurse said that it should be the penetration of medicine
Ms. Jia continued to recall that the child was in good condition on the morning of September 27, but there were still some hair curls. My mother-in-law and I went to the second floor of traditional Chinese medicine hospital for nucleic acid detection, and then went to the fifth floor to find a nurse for injection.
Because the injection was just given the day before, this time the nurse did not do the sensitivity test directly. Ms. Jia said that the baby was crying just after the injection, and she and her mother-in-law lulled the child to sleep. When the first injection was almost finished, the child woke up and cried. After about 10 minutes of the second injection, the baby was crying seriously. She found a small bulge in the head of the child. She held the child and asked the nurse whether the needle was rolling. The nurse said that it should be drug penetration. Let’s observe and observe first.
“But the baby was still crying seriously. At this time, I saw a doctor talking with the nurse in the office of pediatrics on the fifth floor. We carried the child to the doctor. The doctor asked the nurse, and we went to the nurse again. The nurse pulled out the needle and said that the injection would continue after the child’s emotional stability.” “My mother-in-law and I were holding the baby in the hospital hallway to coax the baby, but the child kept crying. Except for a doctor who said that when the child stopped crying and continued to inject, no doctor or nurse came to help me, and no nurse or doctor came to see why my child was crying so badly.”
An hour after the rescue, the child was declared dead, and relevant departments have been involved in the investigation
Ms. Jia couldn’t coax her child because she had been crying for a long time. She knew that Ren, a pediatrician in the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, opened a drugstore opposite the traditional Chinese medicine hospital. The distance was very close, so she ran to Dr. Ren for help with her baby. “Dr. Ren listened to the child’s heartbeat, and then said that he would have a look after the child’s emotional stability. I continued to coax the child, at this time the child was a little difficult to breathe, I and Dr. Ren Ran to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, ran to the fifth floor of the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine when the child did not breathe. In the fifth floor pediatric rescue room for about an hour, the doctor declared that the child was invalid and died
What is the cause of death? This question puzzled Ms. Jia the most.
The reporter of the Chinese business daily learned from the hospital that the relevant departments had intervened in the investigation. After the child was declared dead, the family members called the police and asked for autopsy. The health bureau and the drug administration intervened in the investigation.
Ms. Jia told the Chinese Business Daily: “on September 27, our family members were quite excited. After all, the hospital where the child jumped to the hospital in the morning was gone in less than two hours. The child’s grandparents are not in good health and may not be able to persist at any time. I’m suffering from physical and mental torture. I can’t bear it! No matter what the result is, I just hope that the hospital and relevant departments can handle this matter impartially and give us a statement. “