Men kill their colleagues and jump upstairs

On the afternoon of October 19, Li Mou killed himself after two homicides were made in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province.
At 7:00 pm on the 19th, upstream journalists saw at the scene outside an office building on Fengcheng 7th Road, northern suburb of Xi’an, and there were many police vehicles parked outside the office building, and police officers were exploring the scene around the office building.
On October 19, a man jumped into a building in the northern suburb of Xi’an and committed suicide after committing a murder. A large number of police officers were on the scene. /Reporter Jia Chen
Reporters see that security has closed the office building on site, and no outsiders are allowed to approach. The people coming out of the office said that there was a homicide in the building. One employee of the company had a contradiction with the unit. In the afternoon of that day, the employee killed one person of the unit and jumped from the office building to commit suicide.
On October 19, a homicide occurred in an office building in the northern suburb of Xi’an, where a large number of police officers were investigating the scene. /Reporter Jia Chen
19 evening, the upper stream reporter learned from the Xi’an public security bureau that the suspect Lee Moumou made two murders in the open area, causing two deaths to the original unit respectively. The suspect, after Lee Dutch act, committed suicide by jumping off a building.
The police preliminary investigation, Li Mou and the original unit have a long-term contradiction, at present, the case in further investigation