Molesting female passengers in sleeping cars

Modern Express News (correspondent Wang Bo, reporter Jiang Zhenjun) saw that the woman in the same carriage was young and beautiful. When the man took the woman to sleep, he put his hand into the woman’s quilt and stroked each other’s feet. Seeing that the woman did not resist fiercely, he intensified his efforts and dragged his feet to his crotch for friction. The awakened woman yelled out in horror and called the police for help.
Modern Express reporter learned that this happened on the train t215. According to the police of Yancheng station police station of Nanjing Railway Public Security Department, on November 4, the victim Ms. Wu and man Liu took the t215 train at Beijing railway station. They were in the same carriage, Ms. Wu was in the lower berth and Liu was in the middle berth.
“When Liu saw that Ms. Wu was young and beautiful, he became ill at heart.” After getting on the bus, Liu borrowed to recharge, and had been sitting in Ms. Wu’s berth. Seeing that she was charging, Ms. Wu did not say much. At about 2 o’clock in the morning, when the train arrived between Dezhou station and Xuzhou station in Shandong Province, the tired Ms. Wu fell asleep slowly.
Seeing that Ms. Wu was asleep, Liu put his hand into Ms. Wu’s bed and stroked Ms. Wu’s feet. After waking up, Ms. Wu retracted her feet. After a while, Liu saw that there was no movement in Ms. Wu. He intensified his efforts and pulled Ms. Wu’s feet out of the quilt and put them into his crotch for friction.
Ms. Wu immediately reprimanded her and called the police. After investigation by the police, the lawbreaker Liu confessed to molesting Ms. Wu. After a series of investigation and evidence collection, the police transferred Liu to the Yancheng station police station of Nanjing Railway Public Security Department.
“Ms. Wu, a 23-year-old victim from Huai’an, and a 25-year-old suspect from Anhui Province, has been detained for 10 days according to law.” Yancheng railway police remind that the majority of female passengers should be vigilant when taking public transport to protect the safety of good people and property, and report to the police immediately if they find that they have been infringed illegally