Zhong Nanshan and his wife for 8 years

For many young people, basketball may be a lifelong love. Even if they don’t have the chance to compete in the professional field, they always keep a basketball dream in their heart, relying on this dream to support them to continue to fight on the basketball court. With the vigorous development of street basketball, more and more grass-roots basketball stars come into everyone’s view, and their spirit of fighting for basketball infects every basketball fan.
We always say that life is much bigger than basketball, but for these real basketball fans, basketball has completely integrated into their lives. Even if they choose a job that has nothing to do with basketball in the future, basketball is still a good and happy life for them. This can not be more appropriate to describe Li Shaofen, academician Zhong Nanshan’s wife.
Academician Zhong Nanshan has long been a household name in China. As early as the SARS period, Zhong Nanshan had made great contributions to the national anti epidemic work. This year, the new crown epidemic is rampant, Zhong Nanshan hospital has become the mainstay of the fight against the new crown epidemic, with rich experience and erudite medical knowledge, academician Zhong Nanshan once again made an irreplaceable contribution in the early fight against the epidemic.
As academician Zhong Nanshan became a national hero, his wife, Ms. Li Shaofen, gradually stepped into the field of vision. Ms. Li used to be a national basketball player. As early as she was 16 years old, she became one of the first batch of Chinese women’s basketball team members. In 1953, she made her first international competition for the Chinese women’s basketball team. In 1964, she helped the Chinese women’s basketball team win the invitational championship of Hungary, France, Romania and China. The Chinese women’s basketball team has now gone to the world. In recent years, the performance of Chinese women’s basketball team is even better than that of Chinese men’s basketball team, but few people remember the first batch of Chinese women’s basketball players.
As one of the first team members of Chinese women’s basketball team, Li Shaofen’s basketball technology has opened up a way for the development of Chinese women’s basketball team. As a former female basketball player, Li Shaofen’s basketball skills are very comprehensive, and can even serve as the center, forward and guard positions. The middle distance shooting is particularly accurate. Moreover, the long-distance shooting is a two handed shot, and the middle distance shooting is one handed. This technical feature has become the label of Li Shaofen. In the era of Li Shaofen, she can even be called the first Chinese women’s basketball team.
Although the Chinese women’s basketball team did not make great achievements in the world championships at that time, Li Shaofen still devoted himself to the cause of Chinese basketball after his retirement. Li Shaofen has been a coach of Guangdong Women’s basketball team for 12 years. After that, Ms. Li Shaofen also served as vice president of China Basketball Association and vice chairman of Guangdong Basketball Association, and made indelible contributions to the early development of Chinese women’s basketball.
On November 14, Beijing time, the full version of “China in the story” was officially released. In this program, Zhong Huaide, Zhong Nanshan’s son, revealed an unknown story to everyone. It is reported that at that time, because Li Shaofen was an athlete within the system and wore the national team’s uniform to fight for the country, in that era, the marriage of athletes needed to be approved by the organization. For this reason, academician Zhong Nanshan did not hesitate to wait for Li Shaofen for eight years. They fell in love with each other in 1955. However, it was not until the end of 1963 that Zhong Nanshan officially married Ms. Li Shaofen.
Since 1963, their marriage has lasted for 57 years, spanning two centuries. One side is the former National Women’s basketball team, the other is the top academician in the field of medicine. Their marriage can be called a legend. Even though Li Shaofen and Zhong Nanshan are 84 years old, they still love each other as before. According to a video released by Zhong Huaide, Ms. Li Shaofen, 84, is shooting on the open court, waiting for Mr. Zhong, who is busy with China’s medical career, to go home for dinner.
When Zhong Huaide shared this video with you, many of the audience’s eyes were full of tears. I believe that many TV viewers were also touched. The cross century love between academician Zhong Nanshan and Ms. Li Shaofen is really moving. After many years of retirement, Ms. Li Shaofen still does not forget the sport of basketball, and once again explains her love for basketball.
Academician Zhong Nanshan waited eight years to marry Li Shaofen. Now 84 year old Li Shaofen is shooting on the court and waiting for Zhong to come home for dinner. What a touching story, what an enviable love, I wish academician Zhong Nanshan and Ms. Li Shaofen good health and long life!