Toilet sign peeping women

“Male villains lie on the bathroom partition and peep at the female villains.” over the past two days, the toilet logo of a Shanghai online Red chain restaurant triggered heated discussion.
After some women expressed discomfort, the owner who designed the toilet logo emphasized that it was a kind of humor.
The “obscenity” in your eyes and “humor” in his eyes verify a sentence: the same world, different values.
To be fair, I don’t want to use the same toilet logo, the starting point is understandable – toilet logo is used to distinguish the physiological gender of men and women, it does not have to be confined to the same space. Nowadays, in addition to the pursuit of interior decoration and comfort, many bathroom designs are also very personalized.
According to the reality, many toilet signs with “unique” design and aesthetic feeling have also been widely praised. For example, high-heeled shoes are used to represent women, leather shoes to represent men; cheongsam to represent women, and suits to represent men. All of these have aesthetic value and can make people recognize which is the men’s toilet and which is the women’s toilet.
However, using “peeping” men and “peeping” women as toilet gender signs is undoubtedly a double offense to men and women.
Although it’s personalized design, it’s really frivolous to design a “peeping” theme pattern in a place like the bathroom. The image design in the logo also seems to have customized a dual role model: men are voyeurists, and women are victims. This is tantamount to labeling the former as “borderless” and makes them feel disrespectful.
Because of this, many netizens commented that humor is the only thing that everyone thinks funny, and the humor of criminals can only be called “vulgar”.
Interestingly, after the controversy, the owner of the online hot burger also voted in his own running group: do you think this logo offends you? The result was the largest number of “don’t feel offended.”.
Many of the men who participated in the discussion threw out more offensive toilet signs, such as “BLA” for “less talkative” men, “bla bla bla…” The female toilet sign, which stands for “talking tuberculosis”, is used to counterattack some women’s “sensitive emotions”.
However, improper is improper. Such arrogance and ridicule can only stimulate more people’s emotions. Some netizens questioned: “is it normal for women to be peeped at? If parents take their children to dinner, how can they explain the sign to their children? ” Finally, after some netizens made bad comments on the comment website, the boss concerned issued an apology letter and said that the relevant signs had been removed.
Although there is no need to go online too much, there are still some public inspirations: in many places, especially in public places, the design or decoration of relevant patterns must respect the public order and good customs, take into account the feelings of customers, and embed respect for personality. Before this, also have the toilet sign of domestic large-scale shopping mall once used “peep at female” as toilet sign. And this kind of situation should not appear easily.
After all, the design of “peeping at women” in public places is really a bit unbearable – to say it’s “humor”, it’s also out of date.