4725 contacts of girls confirmed

According to the Chengdu epidemic situation press conference on December 9, according to Zhao’s activity track, Jinjiang District of Chengdu City, on the evening of December 7, cooked Malatang and amusing in hi LAN Tiao nail salon and old street in Jinjiang District More than 200 police officers and local street staff were organized to carry out emergency disinfection and preventive disinfection work. More than 3200 flow control personnel and 420 sampling personnel were organized to carry out flow and sampling work in two days and two nights.
As of 18:00 on December 9, there were 72 close contacts, 49 secondary close contacts and 4725 ordinary contacts. All of them were under quarantine control. Except for 4 people who were waiting for the results, others were negative. A total of 35377 people were sampled in Jinjiang District, and 17883 people were detected, and 76 environmental samples were negative.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia expert group of Sichuan provincial medical expert group, deputy director of Sichuan University, West China Hospital, West China Hospital, director of respiratory and critical care medicine, Professor Liang Zongan said the public should not be too nervous. “The new outbreak is clustered, not the community. The existing close contacts and closely linked nucleic acid detection results are negative, and of course, they should be done to second or even. If the result of the third nucleic acid test is still negative, then I believe this wave of epidemic will not last
The so-called clustering cases refers to the occurrence of more than two cases in a relatively small unit. According to the analysis of nearly 1000 cases of clustering cases in China, 83% of them are families. In addition, there are some common places, including medical institutions, schools, shopping malls, factories, etc.
What is community communication? In the transmission of novel coronavirus pneumonia, when a confirmed patient was investigated, the operative route was completely unidentified. He had no contact with him. The infection route was unknown. He could only believe that the virus infection source existed in the community, which was the spread of the community.