7-year-old girl molested at school

When her 7-year-old daughter sleeps at night, she refuses to take off her pants and covers her lower body with both hands. When she comes back to Zhaotong from Foshan, she is full of doubts. She lifts her daughter’s quilt, but she can’t recover from the scene in front of her. Her daughter’s private parts are obviously red and swollen, and she also flows disgusting liquid. When she touches her hand, her daughter cries in pain.
What happened to my daughter? Under Ms. Yang’s repeated questioning, her daughter timidly told her that more than ten days ago, a short haired, thin and tall man came to the dormitory, touched her body with his hand clasp, and threatened not to cry. The helpless little girl was scared to close her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, there was blood on her body and on the bed sheet.
It’s another violation, which makes people angry and heartbroken. But what makes people angry and chilling is that the absurdity and mystery in the incident, let’s take a look at it.
First, it’s ridiculous. After the incident, the girl’s parents quickly called the police and found the school to find out about the situation. However, the school repeatedly evaded and perfunctorily dealt with the matter. The parents who ran into the wall had no choice but to kneel down at the school gate to seek justice. This is the victim, but have to use such a dignified way to get a fair, strong school is ridiculous!
Speaking of strange things, there are many doubts in this matter. Let’s start from the beginning in chronological order.
First of all, Wenye school is a completely closed boarding school. The incident happened on Monday. Since it is a closed school, how can strangers easily enter the school while students are in school? It has not been found yet?
Secondly, when the school teacher informed the girl’s parents, he only said that the girl’s eyes were red and swollen and uncomfortable and needed surgery, but he didn’t tell the truth. If the teacher didn’t know at that time, how did he judge from the discomfort of his eyes that he needed surgery? The only reasonable explanation is that the teacher knows and is deliberately concealing. What is he concealing?
Third, in order to determine the little girl’s condition, the girl’s mother went to two hospitals one after another, but got different diagnosis results. In the first hospital, the doctor told Ms. Yang that the girl was only suffering from acute vulvitis, which was not a big problem. However, in the second hospital, the doctor diagnosed the girl with vulvar ulcer, vaginitis, hymen laceration and pneumonia.
Both hospitals are well-known local public hospitals. Why do they come to different conclusions? In the first diagnosis, a vice principal and two teachers accompanied the examination, while in the second examination, there was no school staff accompanied, so the result was very different.
Fourth, the parents of girls questioned the school’s security measures. However, the vice principal perfunctorily said, “we have too many campus security measures”, but did not directly tell the parents what the school’s security measures are. Are there too many measures to explain one by one, or are there no measures at all?
Fifth, after the incident, the parents of the girl asked to check the school’s monitoring, but the school said that the monitoring equipment can only save the pictures in the last 10 days, and according to the requirements of the local education authorities, the monitoring pictures should be kept for at least one month. Is it something else? Even if it’s not done by human beings, how can it pass the audit?
Sixth, although the school also paid certain medical expenses in advance after the incident, and repeatedly stressed that it was cooperating with the investigation of the public security organ, it was always evasive and evasive in the face of the query from the girl’s parents, so that the parents knelt down to seek justice. Is this the attitude that the school should have? What are schools avoiding?
All these questions can only be answered when the investigation is clear. At present, the local public security organs have put on file an investigation, and the government departments have also informed that a working group has been set up to carry out the relevant work. It is hoped that the facts can be restored as soon as possible and justice will come soon.
At the same time, the tragedy also reminds us again that parents should not think that sending their children to school is all right, and the potential harm has been covetous. The purpose of making money is to provide children with a better life. However, if children are not even safe, the better life is meaningless. Parents who send their young children to boarding schools and leave their children behind really need to reflect and make changes.
Try to keep your children around. If conditions really don’t allow, you should also care about your children to the greatest extent, especially the physical changes. Keep a high degree of contact with your children, and let them grow up safely and healthily. This is also a kind of success for parents.
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