Washington is in a state of emergency

Overseas, January 12 (Xinhua) according to a statement released on the official website of the White House, on the 11th local time, US President trump approved that Washington, D.C., will enter a state of emergency from now on, which will last until January 24 After Biden’s inauguration.
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Trump: Although I totally disagree with the election results, there will be an “orderly” transition on January 20
Trump has promised an “orderly” transfer of power to Biden, according to CNN. Trump said in a statement: “although I totally disagree with the election results and facts have proved my point, there will be an orderly transition on January 20.”
Shortly before that, the US Congress confirmed Biden’s victory. U.S. Senate speaker and vice president burns just announced at a joint session of Congress that Biden “won 306 electoral votes” and trump “won 232 electoral votes.”