Do you want to go home

[Global Times reporter Ni Hao] of the 88 newly diagnosed cases in Beijing on the 19th, 7 were in Beijing. Among the 7 new local cases in Beijing, 6 cases were in Daxing, and all of them were initially reported in the district where the confirmed cases were located. In the afternoon of the same day, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council and Beijing held prevention and control press conferences respectively. The heavy information released at the conference, such as “return home with nucleic acid negative certificate within 7 days” and “Daxing epidemic is homologous to the mutated virus strain found in the UK”, attracted much attention. As the Spring Festival is approaching, whether people can return home smoothly for the Spring Festival has aroused concern.
What does it mean to return home with nucleic acid negative certificate
At the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held on the afternoon of the 20th, Wang Bin, inspector of the Bureau of disease control and prevention of the National Health Commission, disclosed several control measures recently strengthened in China’s epidemic prevention and control. One of the most concerned policy changes is undoubtedly that returnees must have a nucleic acid negative test certificate within 7 days after returning home, and they should accept the grid management of local grass-roots government after returning home.
Wang Xiuchun, deputy director of the Department of transport services of the Ministry of transport, also said at the meeting that according to the characteristics of the main passenger flow, such as the flow of workers, students and tourists, and in accordance with the local government’s relevant policies and requirements, such as celebrating the new year on the spot, returning home from different peak periods, starting school by avoiding peak periods, and booking limited reception tours, the transport department should take corresponding measures to reduce the centralized flow of personnel.
Wang Peiyu, Professor of Peking University’s Department of medicine, told the global times on the 20th that the recent epidemic situation in many places has been sporadic, and a large number of asymptomatic infections have been found. During the Spring Festival, it is in the middle of winter, which is conducive to the survival and spread of the virus. Therefore, it is necessary to tighten the epidemic prevention and control policies. Wang Peiyu believes that, especially with the advent of the Spring Festival, the flow of people across the country is strengthened, and it is necessary to refine and strengthen the epidemic prevention and control policies.
Recently, outbreaks have occurred in Beijing, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jilin and other places one after another, most of which are caused by the entry and transmission of viruses carried by people or things from abroad. The work of preventing the risk of overseas import of epidemic situation in China is continuously and strictly implemented. At present, China requires entry passengers to hold double negative certificates, including negative IgM antibody against new coronavirus. However, after vaccination, foreign personnel may also lead to positive IgM antibody, which makes it difficult to enter China. Wang Bin confirmed this at the press conference on the same day. She said that according to the current regulations of the Chinese side, the personnel coming to China still have to accept some remote prevention and control measures, and the above objective situation will be included in the future.
Wang Bin said that up to now, China’s new crown vaccination has exceeded 15 million person times. In the follow-up, the vaccination population will be gradually expanded to children, the elderly and other general populations according to work needs and vaccination plan.
A mutated virus found in Britain appears in Daxing, Beijing?
The traceability of the epidemic situation in Daxing District of Beijing has aroused great concern. Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and prevention, said at the press conference on the afternoon of January 20 that on January 19, the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted genome-wide sequencing and analysis of two confirmed cases of new coronavirus reported in Daxing District on January 17. The results showed that the virus was similar to the previously reported local cases and imported cases in Beijing There is no genetic association between the new coronavirus and the local cases in other provinces in China, but it is highly homologous with the new coronavirus variant found in the UK. After review by China CDC, it was found that the two confirmed cases were new coronavirus variants found in the UK, and it was preliminarily determined that the source of infection in Daxing District of Beijing was imported from abroad. However, the transmission ability of the mutated virus found in the UK is obviously enhanced, and the transmission scope is also expanding.
On January 19, 7 newly confirmed cases were reported in Beijing, including 6 cases from Daxing District, all in Ronghui community, tiangongyuan street, Daxing District. Since January 20, 2021, the community has been adjusted to be a high-risk area, which is the only high-risk area in Beijing.
According to the press conference on the afternoon of the 20th, tiangongyuan street in Daxing District has implemented global control, five communities have been strictly closed and controlled, and more than 24000 people have been isolated at home. Daxing District for all nucleic acid testing, in principle, all personnel are prohibited from leaving Beijing. All public places and fitness places within the jurisdiction are closed. Some Metro stations in the area have stopped operation.
According to the circular, 11 cases were involved in the local cluster epidemic in Daxing District of Beijing from 17 to 19, which spread among families, colleagues, neighbors and friends. Three families were involved in the cluster epidemic, involving seven families. The cases lived together and visited each other. Some cases didn’t see a doctor in time and went out with the disease.
Will the tradition of going home during the Spring Festival change due to the epidemic
Can I go back to my hometown to spend the Spring Festival with my parents? This topic has become a question that many people have to answer. According to the forecast data given by Wang Xiuchun, the number of passengers sent during the National Spring Festival transportation in 2021 will reach about 1.7 billion, with an average of 40 million per day. Compared with that in 2019, it will decrease by more than 40%, but it will still increase by more than 10% compared with that in 2020. The average daily flow of 40 million people is about double the current passenger flow.
“It is of positive significance to advocate” Celebrating the Chinese new year on the spot “for reducing the flow of people and helping epidemic prevention and control.” Chen Yongjia, deputy director of the Employment Promotion Department of the Ministry of human resources and social security, said at the joint prevention and control press conference that more warm-hearted service guarantee will help stabilize the post and stay in work.
According to the information of the National Health Commission on the afternoon of the 20th, 757 cases of newly diagnosed local cases have been added in the past week, and the number of close contacts still under medical observation is the largest in 10 months. As of 24:00 on January 19, 944196 close contacts have been tracked across the country, and 34966 close contacts are still under medical observation, according to an epidemic notice issued by the National Health Commission on January 20.
According to the explanation of Beijing CDC, close contacts refer to those who have not taken effective protection from 4 days before the symptoms of suspected cases or confirmed cases appear, or 4 days before the sampling of asymptomatic infected samples, and have close contact with them within 1 meter, such as those who live together, study, work, or have close contact with them; medical and nursing personnel who diagnose, treat, care, and visit cases , family members or other people who have similar close contact; people who take the same vehicle and have close contact; and other people who meet the criteria of close contact after investigation by field investigators.
According to the explanation of the Health College of the first hospital of Hebei Medical University, the close contacts of close contacts refer to those who have close contacts with their close contacts, such as living together, working in the same closed environment, dining together and entertainment, but have not taken effective protection when the close contacts of confirmed cases, suspected cases and asymptomatic infections are established. If there is a confirmed case in the same community, but if they do not know the case, and ensure that they do not have close contact, do not take the elevator together, and do not touch the contaminated public goods, they are not close contacts. According to relevant policies, close contacts need to be isolated for 14 days. If no other abnormalities are found after 14 days, medical observation can be cancelled.
It is equally important to find the source of the epidemic and cut off the transmission from the source. The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control group of Beijing held a meeting on the evening of 19, to investigate all the people entering Beijing from December 10, 2020.
Wang Peiyu told the global times that the recent outbreaks were caused by the re infection of entry personnel after the expiration of isolation period. Although it is an individual phenomenon, a slight carelessness will still cause a relatively large risk of epidemic transmission. Wang Peiyu believes that although such measures will increase the cost of prevention and control, it is still worth promoting compared with the possible consequences.