Volunteer writing is not property

In order to do a good job of epidemic prevention, many people spontaneously joined the volunteer team, working diligently in the community. On January 19, a netizen in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province sent a video saying that there was a suspected property embezzling volunteer work photos for publicity. The volunteers in the community were angry, so they wrote “not property” on the protective clothing to protest.
In the video, the volunteers in protective clothing wrote three words “volunteer” in front of their chest and four words “not property” on the back. After writing, someone took the video with a mobile phone and uploaded the video to the Internet. This video quickly became popular on the Internet and caused a lot of controversy.
Some netizens see this video, one after another for volunteers to fight against injustice, feel that some community property is too moral, embezzle volunteers’ photos to make contributions for themselves. However, recently, the property of the community made a response. They said that things were not what they said. At present, the company has contacted the legal department and asked volunteers to delete the video. If not, measures will be taken to protect their rights.
The property staff said that they did not embezzle the photos of the volunteers. The photos they sent were the staff of their own property, and two of them were nucleic acid testers who came to carry out nucleic acid testing for the owners of the community on the same day. They just want to express that the staff work hard and hope that everyone can understand and tolerate more.
But the volunteers seem to have misunderstood what they mean, thinking that they have worked hard, but all the credit has been robbed by the property, so they took such a video and sent it to the Internet. After they learned about this, they also contacted the company’s legal department, which means they should contact the volunteers first and ask them to delete the video. If you can’t, contact the government departments. If you still don’t delete it, you can only protect your rights through legal channels.
Many people have expressed their views on this matter. Some people think that the spirit of volunteers who can stand up at this critical moment is very worthy of affirmation and praise. However, there is no need to be so upset about the property publicity. After all, everyone has paid. But there are also many people who think that volunteers are just showing their identity. This is an objective fact. Why should the property management have such a big response? If it’s not that the property usually fails to act, which makes the owners of the community have a bad impression on the property, will others be so anxious to draw a clear line with the property? When it comes to this kind of thing, we should reflect instead of blaming others.