My first military training began.

Since I know the word “military training”, I have been looking forward to trying. Don’t secretly scold me for being silly. Really, I just want to have a chance to test myself and release myself to see if I am as strong as I imagined.
I’m half a soldier in my uniform.
We can’t wait to change into camouflage clothes, let alone say, once the suit is on top, people will immediately become vigorous and vigorous. Why, we are half a soldier, so we can’t lose face! But to tell you the truth, the first time we put on this fat “military uniform” felt awkward anyway. With the opening of the camp, we had stood in the hot sun for nearly an hour. Soon someone could not hold back and fell down. My heart beat a small drum. In the next seven days, would the weather fail to meet people’s wishes for a hot sun, and how long could I hold on?
Instructor’s Direction: Stand Up, Rest, Stand Up
His surname is Li, what kind of person he is. In these short days, I can not fully understand. He is only 21 years old, not much older than us. Moreover, maybe because we are girls, he treats us not as strict as other instructors, so he does not have much shock for us. The training content of the first day is always so monotonous. Standing upright, slightly relaxed, straddling, stopping and turning. I don’t think it makes sense that there are so many simple movements that people contact from an early age, and they can do so well. What’s more, they just stand up. Why there are so many rules of the game, such as raising their heads, straightening their breasts, closing their abdomen, knees back pressure, middle finger on trousers suture, thumb on the second section of index finger? Shoulder back, body forward, god, probably influenced by the instructor’s subtle influence, I even wrote down the instructor’s nagging word for word.
Daughters Should Be Self-improvement: Military Songs Show My Heart
God still pities us, the sky changes, it rains heavily, so we were brought into the ladder classroom, thought we could have a good rest, but who knows that sitting is more tired than standing, there are also a series of rules of the game, but as soon as the instructor disappeared from our sight, there will be a variety of sitting postures, once the shadow of the instructor appears, we will sit again immediately. Like Zhong, he later asked the instructor to take us out to train in the rain like boys.
The most interesting part of the military training is to sing, “One two three four five, we have been waiting very hard”, “One two three four five six seven, we are waiting very anxiously”. When someone comes to sing to the instructor, they say, “Men and women are not close to each other”. If the instructor is pulled away, the dissatisfied party protests, some will shout “Lai’s laughter, our company song is”Green in the Army”,”The cold wind drifts.” Falling leaves, the barracks are a green flower, dear comrades-in-arms you do not want to go home, do not want to mother…”
Choose this road: go on
At this moment, half an hour seems to be too short for us to blink. But at this moment, half an hour seems to be very long. Like three centuries, we have to step on the hot earth in the heat of the sun. Besides the beating of the heart and blinking of the eyelids, we are all mummies. In this scorching sun, sweat beads crawl slowly down from the forehead like naughty insects along the cheeks. I can even feel behind me, under the cover of this airtight clothes, drops of sweat are leisurely looking for their homes. Although itchy, they dare not attempt under the teachers’eyes like Monkey King’s fire. When they look forward to the moon and hope for a little rest, Both legs were numb and unconscious, as if they were not their own legs, but two tons of irrelevant scrap iron.
Maybe it’s because I’m tired and cold. I feel tired and hot all over my body. That’s why I know I have a low fever. No wonder I’m dizzy, heavy and light. I want to use this as an excuse to find a green place to rest in the hot sun. The training for several days has made me tired and sore all over, but __. I looked around for the military training for several days. We cried and shouted too hard, but nobody escaped from the battlefield because of fear of suffering and tiredness, and I couldn’t. This is the training I had been looking forward to for several years. Knowing the suffering and tiredness, I still dreamed of it. Since I chose this road, I must go on.
Green Collective Bears My Green Dream
When we bypass the playground and the rostrum with totally different spiritual features and actions from the first day, we are greeted with warm applause. At last, we are greeted by the instructors who have been with us for eight days. The neat lines, the majestic green uniforms and the brilliant movements make me envious. This is the soldier. When they lie down, they don’t care about water on the ground at all; when they get up, they don’t care about how dirty they are, let alone how they wipe them. Green not only represents a unified color, but also a kind of hope, and now I only have a feeling – yearning, yearning for green, yearning for this collective.
Green Journey: An Imperfect End
Eight days of military training ended, some people raised their cameras and recorded the last parting. Some people brought water and drinks to the instructor. My only impulse was to cry. In the vast crowd of people, maybe only once in our life, we passed by these most familiar strangers. But for me, I will permanently seal this memory, at the bottom of my heart.