Beautiful poisonous flowers

My best friend is Xiaolan. Her family is in the city. My father sent her back to accompany my grandfather on May Day holiday. I made an appointment with Xiaolan to visit her family. As soon as I entered the door, I saw Xiaolan waiting for me in the courtyard. Grandpa Xiaolan sat on the couch in the courtyard and smiled and greeted me with a greeting: “The little girl has not seen in two months and is much taller.” “Hello Grandpa!” We haven’t seen each other for a long time. We just met and talked a lot. “Xiaoyue, you see, this year’s grapes are growing a lot!” I can’t help drooling when I look at the string of green. “This is my grandpa’s new herbal medicine, the flowers are beautiful!” I was also attracted by the red flowers, Xiaolan lowered her voice and said to me: “My grandpa is too stingy, yesterday I want to pick one by him for half a day, said to wait for it to blossom and bear fruit to soak medicine wine to cure disease.” But the more I looked at the herb, the more familiar I was with it. The stem of the herb was straight and there were big red flowers on it. The overlapping petals were very beautiful.
On the way home, I suddenly remembered that Xiaolan’s herbal medicine was not Yumei planted in the school flower beds. As if the two were not quite the same, Grandpa Xiaolan was used to treat the disease, if it could not be cured, would it delay the disease? I went home and immediately searched for “Yumei” on the Internet, only to find that the original grandpa was not “Yumei” at all, but a poisonous flower very similar to it – “poppy”. We have studied “selling cigarettes in Humen”. We have seen the anti-drug exhibition. My mother also told me about the Opium War. This root is it. Although it has medicinal value, it is illegal to cultivate it privately. What should I do?
The next day, I went to look for Xiaolan with all my heart. As soon as I entered her house, she pulled her into the room. She mysteriously said to me, “Xiao Yue, I seem to know what Grandpa planted. He missed a lot of stories yesterday.” I was still thinking about how to talk to Xiaolan, but I didn’t realize that she already knew. I leaned over her ear and whispered, “I know too.” Xiaolan said worriedly, “I think it’s illegal to say this on the internet. My grandfather knows, I’m afraid. He called my father yesterday and he’s coming today.” During the conversation, we heard a car outside the door. We ran out and saw his father in the yard.
He went to the garden and looked carefully. Grandpa also came out of the room. “Why did you pick up Xiaolan so early?” “Dad, when I asked you what this was, you told me it was Yumei, I didn’t think much about it. If Xiaolan had not called me yesterday, I didn’t know it was illegal.” When Grandpa heard about it, he quickly lowered his voice and said, “Of course, I know that I have not had stomach discomfort in the past two years. I have heard people say that a partial prescription can cure stomach disease by soaking wine with poppy shell. I will plant it myself without letting anyone know. Don’t make a fuss about it.” Xiaolan’s father could not laugh and cry: “Dad, this kind of thing is illegal in many ways. Besides, if we are ill, we should go to the hospital to treat it. How can we do this prescription? Even the children understand this truth and see how scared your granddaughter is?” Grandpa looked at us embarrassingly. Lanlan took the opportunity to tell Grandpa about the punishment regulations on the Internet. Grandpa was afraid after listening for a while. Then several of us pulled out the blooming flowers together, and then we accompanied Grandpa to the hospital to check his health. The doctor said that Grandpa’s health was not very bad. Take medicine for a few days and pay attention to maintenance. One of us was holding Grandpa. “Grandpa, don’t see yourself in the future, and don’t plant those things anymore.” “I’ll look at Grandpa when you’re away from Xiaolan.” “Grandpa, I’ll be back every weekend.” Grandpa looked at us and said, “Two ghost girls!”