Tibetan cat

When the Tibetan cats remembered being small, my friends and neighbors often played a game of pocket-shoulders. The specific rule of the game is that everyone gathers together with stone scissors. Whoever loses in the end will go and throw everyone out. Pocket, everyone took advantage of this little friend’s pocket, and then hid himself in the best place, and then let the child find out one by one.

This game is very fun, the whole process is full of excitement and challenge, many children are willing to participate in this activity, feel fun and exercise. At the same time, when looking for and hiding, it is full of thrills and full of happiness.

Because of this, every time there are a lot of children participating in the event, when the first round of stone scissors, everyone is not willing to lose, because so many children who want to hide one by one, find out, actually carefully pondering It is really not a breeze.

When I participated in this game, of course, like all the children, I was afraid of losing the first game, but I was afraid of what was coming. Once, I just lost the first game when I just participated in the game. Therefore, I had to find the hidden children one by one.

I first easily found two very small children, because their hiding position is indeed obvious, and they were found almost without much effort.

But in the face of those children who are a little bigger, I can’t find it easier, because these little guys are too smart, and some of the hidden places are even more difficult to imagine.

As I looked around, I secretly thought: “Where are these guys hiding?” I saw my grandmother while walking, so I asked my grandmother: “Grandma, you said they would hide in Where is it?”

Grandma helped me to make a plan: “If you don’t find the ground, go to the vegetable market and look for it.” Grandma woke me up in a word, yes, my family lived in the suburbs, and almost every family’s garden had cellars. , specializing in storing Chinese cabbage or something. Hey! It seems that ginger is still old and spicy, not convinced!

So, I was very happy to kiss my grandmother’s face, and then went to the house to go to the cellar.

But things are not as easy as I thought. I almost turned the floor to the bottom of the house, but I couldn’t find the children who were secretly hidden.

How to do it? When I was anxious at this time, I locked my target in another position and stopped attacking the cellar.

But looking for it, looking for the box, I was in a hurry, and finally I felt a little hungry. I decided to go home to eat rice and then find it.

Yes, just do it!

So, I went home. As soon as I entered the house, I just shouted: “Grandma, eat.” Suddenly, I saw a group of children playing on the hoes in my house! God, this group of children is exactly the group I am looking for. It turns out that they actually hide in my house. This is really the sentence: “The most dangerous place is also the safest place.”

I was in a hurry and hurriedly “questioned” Grandma said: “Grandma, you are really bad, your elbows are turning outwards. Just now you let me attack the underground, the original goal is in the embarrassing home!”

“Is this interesting?” Grandma was also stunned by me at this time, and then said with concern: “Come, kids, you have been playing for a long time, presumably tired, grandma will go to the kitchen now. Cook, wait!”

“Thank you Grandma!” the children said in unison.

In the end, my grandmother gave us a group of children to eat oil cakes. The belly of our stomach was bulging, and almost the belly was broken before we were willing to give up.

This Tibetan cat game is really fun. It has both endurance and physical strength. I like the game of hiding cats and cats. Whether looking for others or being searched by others, my heart is full of infinite comfort.