Egg protection action

A new day, something new! Today, the teacher asked us to bring a raw egg to the egg protection action. I am happy to take a small raw egg from the “big bed” of the egg refrigerator and put it in a plastic bag. I believe that this egg will be the best player in the protection of egg protection!

When I put it in my bag, the little egg said to me: “Bo Bao, you must protect me! Don’t take me out to show off, or my egg coat will be given by your classmates. Broken, so just let me sleep well in my bag, your egg protection action is over, and will end this action successfully, you have to swear!” I listened, nodded, put this cute The little eggs were put in my bag, pulled up on the zipper, carrying the bag and going to school!

When I arrived at the school, my schoolbag was touched by the students. I was a little worried. After I finished my homework, I immediately returned to my seat and gently opened my schoolbag. I saw that the small egg was intact and was snoring. Sleeping late, I think: forget it, anyway, it’s okay now, let me talk to him. I took it to the desk and said to him: “Small eggs, you must not rush out to talk to those of your friends. If it is not me, don’t go with my classmates, or you will I really want to take off my coat. Now it’s winter. I don’t want to let you catch cold. Do you understand?” The little egg blinked and said, “Don’t worry, if you want to talk to me, I won’t Come out, don’t wake me up when I sleep next time, forget it, don’t care about you, I go back to sleep, bye!” After I finished listening, put him in a temporary bag “big bed” “In, go out…

After I went out, I saw that some of my classmates did not bring eggs. The eggs were left at home and no one took care of them. If they didn’t eat or drink, they should be sick. What should I do? There are classmates who take the eggs out of the classroom to play and show off, making them soft. The crisp eggshell coat was taken off and it was actually broken. I thought to myself: Hey, how can these family members irresponsibly break the bedding of his beloved egg, and if it is ill, it will be troublesome! It is a group of careless family members. However, the class bell rang, so I can only go back to class.

At noon, when the teacher wanted to check the eggs, I saw that my “sleeping god” little egg actually went to sleep in the bag. I said to him, “Hey, get out of bed quickly, and sleep again when you sleep!” Climb up and immediately ran to the desk and said, “What’s wrong, what’s the matter, is the end of the world?” I said, “You are a crow mouth, I don’t just want you to see my teacher, teacher.” The little egg said, “Can you go home to sleep?” I was speechless, thinking: “You guy, eating the bowl and looking at the pot, just finished sleeping and thinking below, I really have to be speechless. Up…

In the afternoon, I came to the school again with the “Sleeping God” egg. This guy actually slept for 3 hours in the afternoon. Today, I have not slept for 8 hours in a row. I still sleep in school. God, it doesn’t make sense. A small egg, actually more than a cat sleep time!

The school study is finally over on this day. Although, this little egg sleeps makes me “angry”, but he made me realize: eggs, like a child to be cared for, but also a responsible person to care for him, he let me know before My mom and dad care for me carefully, and how hard it is to take care of me when educating me. I thank the little eggs for telling me this truth. I am even grateful to my parents. I have been working hard to take care of me before and now. I will take care of them and grow up. In the future, I must give them back to raise them! Now I have to work hard.