First stage on the stage, said cross talk

I have always liked to listen to comics since I was a child. From the classics of the comic masters Ma Sanli and Hou Baolin, to the performances of the performance artists such as Ma Ji, Jiang Kun, Hou Yaowen and Li Jindou in the 1980s, they can almost learn one or two. Now I want to come, my so-called “art cell” should be inextricably linked with the love of listening to the cross.

When I was in elementary school, my family’s radio was my favorite. I went home from school every afternoon. The first thing I did was to transfer to the Central People’s Broadcasting Station. One was to listen to the “small trumpet” and then to the “Qu Yuan Variety”. I am not very sure about the name “Qu Yuan Variety”, but every day I will broadcast two or three paragraphs according to the length of the comic dialogue. I always feel that the time is too short, but it is addictive. Later, I bought the “Yan Dance” tape recorder at home. I used the results of my final exam to “change” two comedy tapes. After school, I went home and rushed to finish my homework. After that, I sat at the table and listened to the comics, even though that. I can almost reverse the crosstalk in the two tapes, but I still like to listen over and over.

The most memorable one is my high school time. I was able to have the opportunity to go on stage to say cross talk, which was due to a friend of my “Schoolmaster” at that time. He was one of the “legendary figures” of our school that year: he was elected as the president of the student union when he was a high school student. Before the college entrance examination, he insisted on reading “Jin Yong” but “easy” was admitted to Fudan University. We both share a common hobby, that is, we like cross talk, so we often use the spare time to talk about cross talk.

In the winter of 1998, the school handed over to the Student Union to organize a New Year’s party, and Liang Liang asked me to discuss it. I wanted to have a show together and said that Duan Xiangsheng was a “small test knife.” At that time, we were full of enthusiasm, and we did what we did. After careful “research”, we finally decided to learn a classic of the cross-talking classics of Hou Yaowen and Shi Fukuan, the “Spoken Lotus”, which is a slap in the face. Out, it’s ridiculous to say it, and it’s going to be a joke. As long as we say “work”, the “effect” should not be a problem. In order to achieve the goal, “for the class to glory”, we have developed a detailed “training plan”. After more than a month of repeated polishing, our rehearsal in the class was very successful, and the whole class laughed and walked forward for us. The school’s “big stage” adds a lot of confidence.

On the day of the performance, we put on the professional “line”, and Liang Liang also used the “duty of the post” to arrange our cross talks for a better time for the whole party.

The mood before I came to power is still unforgettable. I am nervous, more excited and proud. I watched more than a thousand audiences in the audience look forward to the hope of being able to perform their favorite cross talks on such a “big” stage. I suddenly think this may be Even a “success”!

something unexpected may happen any time”. Who knows that we just said the third sentence on the stage, but the microphones both “strike”. At that time, the school’s audio equipment was not good. Until the end of the performance, the microphone was not repaired, and the two of us were screaming and shouting for 15 minutes. From the stage down, I was stunned by the “grey face”, for fear of being “ridiculed”. However, when we returned to the class seat, the whole class gave us a warm applause. At that moment, let us be depressed. I am even more moved. Everyone said that although they couldn’t hear clearly, they had to “like” the performances of our two “dedications”.

The first time I went on stage, the experience of cross talk was so eclipsed. In the days that followed, we still went to class, study, and exams in a step-by-step manner. When we were free, we still got together to talk about those things. Until now, although we live in the same city, but because of work, it is rarely like gathering together at school, but even if it is occasional gathering, we will still be involuntarily talking about the stage performances. That experience, although not successful, has brought us different feelings and memories. I think this unforgettable experience deserves our aftertaste…