I am the master today.

Early in the morning, my mother had to go to the house to help install the pipeline gas. Ask me when I leave: “The code, don’t you follow me?”

I think: You are in charge of me every day. Finally, I can finally get out of control temporarily, and I can let go of such a great opportunity! So I refused: “I am at home!”

My mother didn’t worry, and said: “Play the piano first, then do the summer vacation, and then watch TV, but you can only watch one hour. Go to the Olympic class on time in the afternoon.”

“Know it, I know.” I said impatiently.

“Hey!” The door was brought.

I hurried off the bed, opened the lid, and slammed the keys against the piano. Ugh! In order to get to see Naruto as soon as possible, I must hurry.

Today’s songs are really hard! I practiced for a long time, and my hands were sore and neck pain, but the result was still not optimistic. I have been practicing for more than 50 minutes as soon as I watched the alarm clock. If my mother is at home, I will praise me. But now, where is the mother’s figure at home! At this moment, I really want to be a mother.

Closing the cover, I came to the study, opened the book, and wrote it in one stroke. Time passed by, I felt a little sore neck, could not help but look up, open the tape recorder, listen to English, and rest. Ten minutes passed and I left STOP. Turned around and took a look at the mother class’s essays, and according to their subjective opinions, the grades were divided. It feels very similar, and even the ideas of individual students are the same. Is it the reason for mother guidance? When my mother returns, I must tell her: “When a student writes, the teacher can’t coach too much, otherwise it will constrain the students’ thinking. To believe in students, the language of flash is often the most real.”

“Oh…” The stomach sang “Air City”, and at the same time came the door to open the door – it must be that Dad came back for dinner. I turned on the computer.

While eating “Naruto”, I ate a sweet lunch.

The “Ding Zero” phone rang, needless to say, definitely a mother. Sure enough, the mother’s voice came from the phone: “Baby, are you looking at the computer? Pay attention to eye hygiene.”

“Understand. Rest assured!” I have a meal in my mouth, and my speech is a bit vague.

“Don’t forget to go to the Olympics!”


Time flies, I reluctantly say goodbye to Naruto. Take the bag and walk out of the house.

After school, I found that my mother had not returned yet, and my heart was empty. Picking up the phone, there was no call, and my heart was a little confused. I broadcast my father’s mobile phone and turned it off. I suddenly wanted to cry.

“Ding zero” quickly picked up the handset, it turned out to be a mother.

“I am back. What are you doing now?” I asked a little bit because I wanted to turn on the TV to watch the animation relay.

“When doing math, watch TV.” Mom is too embarrassed.

Everything is fulfilled. I see, wait, wait…

At six o’clock, my mother did not return.

At seven o’clock, my mother still didn’t come back. Look at the darkness of the window, I am a little worried. I hurriedly lit up several rooms and put the sound of the TV very large. Mother’s phone has no signal, so I tried to call my father. When I heard my father’s voice, I was crying and said: “Mom has not come back. When are you coming back?”

“I have an emergency meeting and can’t go back temporarily.”

“Mom, mom…” I shouted and dialed the phone.

A gust of wind blows the curtains, my heart speeds up, my fear has dominated my soul, my eyes are fixed on the curtains, for fear that a monster will break through the window; while fearing, I will comfort myself and say: “There is nothing in the world.” Ghosts, mediocrity, self-interference.” Having said that, the fear did not weaken at all, but it made me more tight.

I speeded up the button speed, over and over again, tirelessly.

I knew that I should not have the psychology of opportunism. What TV to watch!

Finally my mother’s phone came, and I shouted: “Come back soon. I’m so scared!”

“Get home soon.”

“How? How do you feel at home?” Mom asked as soon as she entered the door.

“Not bad.” I swollen face and fat.

“Who is crying and shouting everywhere to find a mother?” Mom said slyly.

“Oh…” I was embarrassed to scratch my head, thinking: Although I was scared, I broke through the record of never being at home. So, hug the mother, reward the mother with a heavy kiss!