Good Morning Youth

Another new year is coming. Looking back, we can never forget it.
Remember, every spring, we fly out of the nest like birds, looking for a free sky.
I remember that every summer, the breeze slowly blowing, bathed in the sunshine, sitting in the courtyard while enjoying the cool, while reading.
I still remember that every autumn, the golden scenery impressed in the eyes, brilliant and dazzling, sitting next to the high grain heap, counting the ripe fruits, harvesting different surprises.
I still remember that every winter, the snow arrived on schedule, everyone ran, laughed, carefree longing.
In the blink of an eye, a year has passed, replaced by worries, pressure, year after year, time flies by, in a twinkling of an eye, we are all grown up, carrying no longer happiness, no longer worry, but in the face of the test of life, difficult choices, the pursuit that can not be abandoned when faced with setbacks, and waves after waves. Homework and exams, childlike innocence has gone away from us, leaving us only grow up worries.
In fact, I really want to go back to the past, back to childhood general carefree, very much hope that this is just a dream, a nightmare, wake up and then go back to the original, but this is really a dream, a dream that will never be realized.
Sometimes, we will complain, will be sad, do not want to face the reality, however, the fact is that it can never change, we grow up, grow up to be responsible, choose to escape, choose to ignore, that is the most foolish way, because this is the reality, this is life, we can not go to more. No matter what you do or how you run away, it’s useless. It’s doomed to be a robbery. The past is good. Even if the road is so hard and helpless, biting will pass. When we really grow up and mature, we have the ability to do what we want to do. Things, you will recall this most unforgettable time, you remember the past bit by bit, remember the difficulties you have broken through before, that feeling, will swallow up all the resentment, all the discontent before, it is a real happiness, real understanding.
In fact, we want to thank the unforgettable road of youth, which teaches us to grow up and to be happy. Maybe it is very difficult and has many difficulties. However, no matter how hard it is to break through, how hard it is to go through, it is the only way for us to grow up. This is an unchangeable fact. When you really understand it, you will feel it. Thank you for all that youth has accompanied you through. Thank you for letting you know the meaning of life. Only by truly experiencing youth, can we understand love, life, society and all the laws of development of the world. We should not expect too much. A little happiness is good. That’s not the case. We are still young, so we should grasp the little happiness in our hands, with great confidence and passion, to fight for the future and for our future.
So, youth, thank you for letting me understand everything and hope that I can overcome all the difficulties in youth. The future is still far away and wide. It will not disappear because of my arrival. I will use my own strength to create a sky for me to fly freely and a world for me to live happily. Along the way, we can not do without the companionship of youth, nor can we do without all the experiences and hardships in the road of youth, saying good morning to our future and youth.