I am touched by such a person.

At the corner of an intersection, there was a handicapped shoemaker. Whether it’s in the heat or in the wind or rain, this uncle will always do his job conscientiously and do something for you from his heart.
I remember one time when my shoes were lost and my mother asked me to go to the shoemaker. I saw many people, standing and sitting, surrounded by a big tree on the side of the road at an intersection. I squeezed in and saw an uncle sweating hard at his work. Afraid that my uncle would not hear me, I raised my voice and said, “Uncle, my shoes are out of use. Would you please stick them on for me?” My uncle looked up and said with a grin, “Okay, okay. When will you pick it up?”I said,”I’ll take it after I’ve finished shopping with my mother.”
But when we came back, we saw my uncle fixing keys for others. My shoes didn’t move there. So I asked my uncle, “When will my shoes be repaired, uncle?” My uncle looked up and said with a grin, “I’m sorry, kid, you still have to wait more than ten minutes.” At this time, I felt tired and thirsty, and the weather was very hot. I said to my uncle impatiently, “Then I’ll go home first and get it later!”
After lunch, I went to get my shoes. After that, a grandfather told me that my uncle had gone to dinner. So I found a bench and sat down. At this time, I found that the shoes were repaired, but the flowers were sticky, and I was very angry. Because it’s my favorite pair of shoes, I don’t want it to look a little ugly. After a while, my uncle came back and was driving an electric tricycle. I thought, “It’s lazy to drive an electric tricycle to a meal. I can’t even stick a shoe flower well. What kind of shoemaker should I be? But my uncle’s every move when he got out changed my view on him and made me feel very guilty. I found my uncle struggling to get out of the car. He bent down hard. Holding two feet in each hand, he struggled to remove them from the car. With his hands on his feet, he struggled to move to his seat. Then I felt hot on my face. So I said to my uncle, “Uncle, this shoe flower you glued to me, would you please re-glue it?” My uncle took some to re-remove, and carefully glued it to me. Soon, my uncle was glued up. When I asked my uncle how much it was, he said with a grin, “No money for sticking to it for two times.” But without saying anything, I took out two yuan from my pocket and gave it to my uncle. Uncle said, “No, no! One yuan is enough.” Then he threw me back a dollar. When I took the dollar again, it felt heavy.
At this time, I think, although uncle is a disabled person, but can use his hands to contribute to people, self-reliance, from the heart to do something for you. And for my uncle, it’s called, “I’m physically and mentally disabled.” Uncle is not like some people, because he is disabled to beg, or rely on others to live. At that time, I thought my uncle was great. Because he can use his hands to do what he can for people, which makes me very touched.