My Military Training Life

April 11, is a sunny day, our fourth grade to take a bus to military training, experience the life of soldiers, military training for our “little princess” and “little prince” can not bear any hardship, just because of this school gave us the opportunity to eat a little hardship.
This morning we came to school early, after the flag-raising ceremony, we went back to the classroom to carry bags and bags of things, and lined up below. The parents of our class sent us down. I saw my mother. They watched us get on the bus one by one before leaving. We had a lot of fun in the car. Yeah, after a while, this humming song, after a while, this says what snacks did you bring? Many, I am very happy and excited.
Soon we arrived, and as soon as we entered, a beautiful little garden seemed to be welcoming us. Chai Yijia and I, Zhou Chao Ran and Zhao Ya… Nine people in a dormitory, we queued up to take the sheets, bedclothes, pillow covers back to cover, Mr. Zhu was afraid that we would not cover to help us, I said: “Teacher how to do this”? Then the teacher set for me, I am very grateful to the teacher. A whistle (gathering voice), we ran out in a panic, stood in line, ready to eat, our instructor is very fierce, we are very afraid of her, but there are still people who can not help talking, make the instructor angry, the instructor punished me to squat up 60, we went on the first day, so disgraceful, every class looked at. Seeing our performance, we went into the restaurant after finishing, and could not speak during the meal. Sometimes when we were eating, the instructor suddenly blew a loud whistle to frighten us. After eating, I have to wash dishes, wash dishes and go back to the dormitory for lunch break. Before 12:30, it is our free time in the dormitory. 12:30-2:30 is our lunch break time. Our dormitory is very lively. After a while, this joke will be a performance show, or make a scene, and we will rush as soon as we see the instructor coming. As a dormitory director, I asked them to go to bed as soon as they were found out by the instructor, because they had to stand in the sun and could not sleep at night, so they all went to bed obediently.
In the afternoon, we practiced standing, squatting, looking left and right. By 5 o’clock we went to dinner, returned to the dormitory after dinner, waited for the whistle, and came out to gather. In the evening, the instructor taught us to tidy up our internal affairs and return to the dormitory. We had to tidy up well. The instructor said that we could wash and sleep. So I went to sleep unconsciously with the music.
The next few days is the same life. We have different courses, such as gourmet class, Transformers class, cheerleading class, ceramics class, courses on traffic safety. Colorful, Tuesday night we were watching a movie, it rained, it rained very little, and then more and more, the instructor organized us to go back to the dormitory to wash and sleep; Wednesday night we saw the movie door god, very wonderful.
Thursday evening is very unique, because it is watching the program, is watching the program, our class all went to cry, oh, the letter came (because we went before a parent’s comments, write a letter to the child, to the teacher, the teacher sent us again) originally was a happy evening, but the classmates in our class all cried. At that time, I thought my mother would not write to me, but I didn’t think that my mother would write to me. I wanted to cry too. When I saw the letter my mother wrote to me, I almost cried. I controlled myself and left no tears. Back in the dormitory, I wanted to read the letter my mother wrote to me by myself. I was crying alone in the quilt. I think Mom and Dad, I am the strongest, come on!
On Friday morning, we had Shayi class. The instructor asked me to do push-ups. It hurt me so much that we were almost crying. The instructor just spared us. We dared not speak any more. We had the last lesson obediently. We had a big plate of chicken at noon. When we left in the afternoon, I couldn’t bear to leave the base. Good-bye 107, you are me. I don’t know if I can meet you again next year. Goodbye to Base. Goodbye 107!
Through this military training, we returned with full load and harvest, I experienced how hard the life of soldiers is, but also let me understand a truth: unity. There, one person makes a mistake and all are punished. Although the life of military training is a little tired, it’s still fun. I look forward to next year’s military training!