HUAWEI 5G accompanying WiFi

In addition to mobile phone products, Huawei also launched 5g accompanying WiFi series products at the 5g terminal and full scene new product conference, which will be launched in December, with the price not announced yet.
Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi series officially released
Huawei said that the 5g accompanying WiFi series has a built-in Baron 5000 chip, which can convert 5g signals into high-speed WiFi, allowing non 5g mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. to enjoy high-speed. It supports NSA / SA 5g dual-mode, with type-C connection speed of 1.65gbps and WiFi connection speed of 867mbps. The pro version has a built-in 8000mah large capacity battery, 40W Huawei super fast charging, and supports 22.5w external wired charging and 15W reverse charging.
Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi series supports AI high-speed rail mode. The communication algorithm integrates AI technology, intelligently predicts and switches better signals along the high-speed rail in advance to ensure signal stability. In addition, it is connected to Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi, which can automatically turn on the mobile game mode during the game, significantly reducing the mobile game delay, with the card up to 30%.
Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi series is the first 5g dual-mode accompanying WiFi in the world
Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi supports 4K 60fps HD live broadcast, supports multi-channel upload aggregation technology, and 2-3 Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi overlay use, enjoying faster upload speed.
Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi supports cross operating system, lossless, zero traffic large file mutual transmission, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, after connecting, it can realize mutual transmission under the same LAN.
Huawei’s 5g accompanying WiFi does not need a password. You can surf the Internet with a scan. Scan the QR code generated in real time on the screen to quickly connect Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi.
Finally, Huawei also pointed out that 5g accompanying WiFi can support mainstream 5g and 4G networks in 150 + countries and regions around the world.
Huawei 5g accompanying WiFi series officially released
Unfortunately, Huawei only said that 5g WiFi will go on sale in December, with elegant black and ceramic white colors. The price hasn’t been announced yet.