Giant spicy cake

At noon on November 9, everyone passing by the Huangxing city square in Changsha was attracted by a 25 square meter spicy skin birthday cake about the size of a large living room. On the spot, the super spicy birthday cake attracted nearly 10000 people and their tourists to enjoy it in a long line.
This super hot skin birthday cake is made by 10 bakers who I am the pastry hand for 8 hours. The spicy prince charming spicy bar only weighs 500 Jin and consumes 300 Jin of wheat flour and 3900 raw eggs. Spicy birthday cake was distributed to the audience in large portions.
“Before, I had only eaten fresh fruit and chocolate birthday cakes, and Ma’s birthday cake was the first time to eat, which was very in line with the taste of Hunan people.” the pure spicy skin, spicy taste and birthday cake conquered the taste of the audience in a flash. On the spot, the audience who got spicy birthday cake was very surprised.