British Prince denies sexual assault

Prince Andrew received his first BBC one-on-one interview since the scandal broke out Tuesday, in which he was criticized for his “hard work”.
The bizarre death of American billionaire Epstein has plunged his former friend Prince Andrew of Britain into a months long reputation crisis. Prince Andrew received a one-on-one interview with the BBC for the first time since the scandal broke out on April 16, and this high-profile “crisis public relations” behavior is unprecedented in the British royal family. However, the British media said that it was a pity that the prince’s performance in the interview was “bruised”, not only failed to get rid of the stigma, but exposed new problems such as unclear logic and “three incorrect views”. Some media even commented that “this is a nuclear public relations disaster”.
Forcible denial of sexual assault charges
The BBC said Monday that Prince Andrew’s biggest problem is being accused of having sex with a teenage girl. As one of Epstein’s early sexual slaves, Virginia juffel, a 35 year old American woman, recently publicly accused the “lecherous” rich man of the crime, and disclosed that she had been arranged to have sex with Andrew three times, once in 2001 and twice in 2002; at the first time, she was only 17 years old. Andrew denied the plot in an interview with BBC news night on the 16th. “It never happened,” he said I don’t remember ever seeing this lady (jufer). “
Prince Andrew (map) Prince Andrew (map)
Prince Andrew said there was something wrong with the woman’s earlier claims – for example, she said that the two had “danced hot” in a nightclub in 2001 and the prince was “sweating profusely”. In fact, he was in a special condition and “did not sweat at all”. He stressed that he had “a very clear memory” of going to a pizza parlor in Surrey with his daughter on March 10, 2001, rather than “having a date” with juffel in London. He accused jufer of being “cheeky.”.
When the host mentioned the photo of him holding zhufuer, Prince Andrew said he could not remember when the photo was taken, bbc17 reported. The host then asked whether he had ever had a relationship with juffer or other young women who were kidnapped by Epstein, and the prince’s answer was almost incoherent. Sex, he said, is a “positive behavior” for men that is unforgettable once it happens, but he can’t even “rack his brains” to remember that he did it.
Don’t regret getting to know the “lecherous rich”
Another important part of the interview is the relationship with the “porn devil”. Prince Andrew’s performance is also astonishing. According to British media review: after Epstein’s “self-determination” in prison, a video shot in 2010 appeared, which showed Prince Andrew appeared in the former’s mansion in New York, causing a huge controversy. At that time, Epstein was convicted of sexually assaulting young children and was a failed paedophile, while Andrew was still a member of the British royal family However, I kept in touch with it.
For this plot, Andrew pleaded on the 16th that he had visited Epstein’s residence in order to “sever the relationship” with him, and said that this kind of thing should be “dignified” in person. In particular, Prince Andrew described Epstein’s crime as “inappropriate” and was directly interrupted by the host: “this is called” inappropriate “? He’s a sex offender! ” Andrew even said he did not regret meeting Epstein because he “benefited a lot” from the latter