Stone picking is worth nearly a million

Recently, a man wanted to go fishing in luokun mansion, Thailand. He found 12 strange stones on the river beach. He took the stones home. Unexpectedly, they were precious sea amber worth nearly one million.
These seemingly unattractive stones are rare sea amber. When they are burned, they will flow yellow liquid, and when they are in the water, they will float. The liquid is actually one of the raw materials of perfume, and the 12 stones picked by the man weigh 3 kilograms, and the value is about 3 million 510 thousand baht (about 820 thousand RMB).
Amber is a kind of transparent biological fossil, which is the resin fossil of coniferae, Yunshi family and Taxaceae. When the resin drips, it is buried in the ground for tens of millions of years, and finally petrified under the action of pressure and heat. The shape of amber is also diverse. The surface and interior of amber often retain the original resin flow patterns, and the interior can often see ancient insects and plant debris.
To this, netizens also say in succession: “this is really pie in the sky!” “Money can’t be stopped when it comes”, “is it too late to go to Thailand now?”.