Eastern look member love

December 30 (also the day when Xiaobian had to work overtime) December 30, there are still two days before the release of materials from D club. However, the love affair of a Korean major broke out today. This person is Shen Changmin, a member of Dongfang Shenqi.
Shen Changmin, oba, really protected his girlfriend very well. It took so long to find out. It has to be said that he is a warm man and a good husband of the people. Alas, how could he not meet such a person!
Shen Changmin, who was born in 1988, was busy with Dongfang Shenqi. In 2003, Shen Changmin made his debut through members of Dongfang Shenqi. At that time, Shen Changmin was only 15 years old and played the leading role of Dongfang Shenqi.
Shen Changmin really grew up in the eyes of Dongfang Shenqi’s fans. From the age of 15 to now, Dongfang Shenqi has been on the road for 16 years. In fact, Shen Changmin is only 31 years old, and his younger brother is still young. However, he hopes that he can find his own happiness early when he pays attention to him.
Speaking of this combination, it’s also amazing. Dongfang Shenqi started his career 16 years ago. From the five member team to the current two member team, even if it’s the two member team, Dongfang Shenqi still fights. Especially in Japan, even though there are many new groups, and Dongfang Shenqi’s concerts use the least number of times to mobilize the most audience, no Korean group can surpass Dongfang Shenqi.
Zheng Yunhao and Shen Changmin really achieve young & rich. SM’s annual concert income is still top 1. Which men’s group can develop like this after 16 years of debut and three members left at once. It seems that they really speak by strength. However, both of them work hard and develop so well for a reason.
What’s more, we all know that today is the exclusive report of South Korean media spotvnews. It’s not January 1, and it’s impossible for agency d to be popular with Shen Changmin. Agency D is just like the presence of dongfangshenqizhan. Besides, agency D usually exposes the relationship between artists, and rarely between artists and ordinary people.
Anyway, I wish our Shen Changmin and oba, and I wish this group will go further and further. I hope they can make progress in the future.