Wang Jianlin planted on football

Wanda has invested in Dalian football for less than two years, and Wang Jianlin is in trouble again. At the end of last year, there was a news that Wanda Group would quit the football club in Dalian. As a result, on January 1 this year, it was announced directly. At the same time, he said that he would not quit Dalian football, but the football of Dalian side. He also said that he could not continue to support one football club in the current way, and hoped to rebuild his professional club in the future, and would continue to support Dalian football in the future.
According to the data given at present, in less than two years, Wanda Group has spent 3.5 billion yuan on the Dalian club, not including the operating capital of CSL, and invested a lot of money, but the equity of Dalian side, Wanda Group has never been obtained, paid but not gained, no one can accept it, Wanda has chosen to withdraw.
Wanda Group invested in Chinese professional football in 1993. When Dalian Wanda football club was competing in the first level league, it won four league titles. At the beginning of the 21st century, Wanda gave its team to Dalian Shide. At the same time, Wang Jianlin also announced that Chinese football is really dark, and he chose to withdraw permanently.
Dalian football club has changed hands with many enterprises, and the results of the club are also very incomprehensible. From the league championship at the beginning, it was gradually demoted, until the Dalian side began to invest, the results of the club began to recover, and in 17 years, it returned to the arena of China Super League.