Ma Yun responds to Alibaba’s layoff

On January 7, in the activity of returning to the classroom, Ma Yun responded to the recently circulated Alibaba layoff story in the last “class meeting”. “In fact, if you don’t have a unique ability to think, you think that’s right,” Ma said. It’s very difficult for Alibaba employees to survive for three years. They are precious in Alibaba for ten years. “They don’t pay much attention to their own survival.
Since January 5, a speech by Ma Yun has been circulating on the Internet, that is, “30 years later, we will export at least 1000 Alibaba people over 10 years to the society every year. They should participate in the social construction and go to various companies.”. This was interpreted by netizens as Alibaba’s layoff, and said it was the art of Ma Yun’s speech.
Mr Ma said at the event that the group of 25-year-olds and 35-year-olds, who had lived through the decade, were already amazing. Why send them out? Because we think these people, after Ali’s strict training, have a better understanding of digital economy, execution, management and culture than many other companies. They should go to government departments, universities and other places. They don’t care much about their survival.
As early as January 5, 2020, Alibaba responded to Ma Yun’s quote through Weibo, which was mentioned in his speech when he announced that he would no longer be chairman of the board of directors in 2019. At that time, Ma Yun talked about Alibaba’s future system, culture and talent inheritance. He once said, “after 30 years, we will export at least 1000 Alibaba people to the society every year for more than 10 years. They should participate in the social construction and go to various companies. But remember, if you want to use the system, culture and people one day, you can protect our company Heritage, you have to start thinking at least today, at least 10 years to prepare.