New US sanctions against Iraq

The United States today imposed a new wave of sanctions on Iran’s largest airline, Mahan air and shipping network, on the grounds that they involve the provision of lethal auxiliary equipment and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
The United States and Iran, two hostile countries, exchanged prisoners last weekend. Only a few days later, the United States announced new sanctions against Iran. Since the decision of the US President trump to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran in 2015, the recent exchange of prisoners is a rare cooperation between the two countries.
“This company deliberately transports non-legal materials from Iran’s aerospace industries organization, which oversees all Iranian missile industries,” said Mike Pompeo, Secretary of state of the United States, in response to sanctions imposed by the State Department on the Shanghai based eSAIL shipping company, which has also been sanctioned by the United States Cooperation with several Iranian organizations.
The sanctions offered by Yihang international logistics and Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) will come into effect in June 2020.
Also on the sanctions list is a shipping network in Iran involving the Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), which represents Iran, and its offshoot, Quds Force, which is responsible for overseas operations, smuggling lethal auxiliary equipment from Iran to Yemen.
Pompeio said the State Department and the Ministry of finance also imposed new sanctions on Iran’s Mahan air and its three general sales agents for their alleged proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
As early as 2011, the United States imposed anti-terrorism sanctions on Mahan airlines on the grounds of supporting the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, and now the sanctions are expanded.