Bai Yansong’s talk about women returning to Beijing

[global network comprehensive report]

in the CCTV news 1 + 1 program broadcast on the evening of 26th, host Bai Yansong said that today’s “hot women in Wuhan leave the city and go to Beijing” event is of great concern. In this regard, he said that the public’s doubt about the event reflected people’s concern about “seemingly tight prevention and control appears to be loose, or even loopholes”. At the same time, he called for “the faster the announcement, the more Everyone is at ease. “More importantly, close the loopholes.” He said.
Bai Yansong said: “today’s Beijing media and the public are concerned about a person, that is, a confirmed case 18 had fever symptoms in Wuhan, and the family of 22 drove her back to Beijing from Wuhan, but it is a confirmed case. There are media reports that she was released after her sentence. But all of this focuses on a question: how can she return to Beijing from Wuhan under such strict control? “
Bai Yansong further said: “I think in your questions, it just reflects your concerns about whether human feelings, power and interests, or other factors, will make seemingly strict prevention and control loose, or even have loopholes. In this case, everyone will be very worried. “
He revealed in the program that “the information learned from the front is now urgently investigated by relevant departments, which is basically clear, and the results should be published soon”. Bai Yansong called for “the faster the announcement, the more reassuring everyone” and “the more important is to close the loopholes”.