Make complaints about Chung Nan Shan

When U.S. President trump shook the pot and released the chaotic epidemic prevention signal at the press conference again, someone rushed to grab the microphone and pushed the president down!
Such a scene design may have appeared in Anthony Fauci’s mind countless times.
As the chief infectious disease expert of the United States and director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases (NIAID), we can see that the number of confirmed cases in the United States has increased from more than 4000 to more than 50000 within seven days. Apart from the responsibility of controlling the spread of the epidemic, the biggest problem is how to deal with the president’s “nonsense”.
When trump accused reporters of “the lack of surgical masks” as fake news, Fudge picked up the microphone and said, “I know you didn’t make up the truth”; when trump said that a certain drug had a good effect, he would immediately make a statement “Still need to be tested”; when Trump’s one-on-one “Chinese virus” boasted so fast, Fudge immediately clarified with the media that he would “never use it like this”.
This infectious disease expert, who is always at the president’s side at the press conference, is ready to “mend” the president’s irresponsible speech. Because of his bold, bold and professional attitude, he has become the representative of “scientific and rational anti epidemic” in the United States.
The Washington Post called him the kind-hearted “anti epidemic captain” of the United States, while Chinese netizens gave him a more earthly title – “Zhong Nanshan of the American version”.
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Walking the steel wire beside trump
To forge, maintaining a relationship with trump is like “walking a tightrope.”.