Announcement of Hubei Jiangxi United Development Co., Ltd

More transposition may lead to less conflict. Because some misunderstandings, small frictions or improper words and deeds of individual people have affected the relationship between the two places, which is not worth the loss.
A video of a dispute between police officers in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, and Huangmei County, Hubei Province, sparked a gathering of police officers, spread on the Internet Monday. According to some video photographers, the conflict was caused by Jiujiang police officers hindering the passage of Hubei people. It was also said that the conflict was caused by the identity of a police officer. At present, there are different opinions, and the relevant departments of the two places have been involved in the investigation.
It is urgent to investigate and respond to the conflict. However, there is a clear fact that Huangmei County is a low-risk area according to the requirements of the central government’s “grading and zoning” epidemic prevention. All epidemic prevention checkpoints have been cancelled in the early morning of this morning, and the control of the access to Hubei Province has also been lifted. The personnel from Hubei Province can flow safely and orderly with the Hubei health code “green code”. In this context, there is no reason for all regions to be “as close as an enemy”.
Because of the epidemic situation, we have been holding for more than two months, and our mood will be somewhat depressed. On the one hand, we need to adjust ourselves; on the other hand, we need to understand others’ irrationality and excessive speech and action, so as to avoid hard hitting and adding fuel to the fire. For all regions, it really needs a process from being tense at all times to releasing control, restoring order and putting down the alert. More transposition may lead to less conflict.
“A city of Xunyang, half of the city’s Huangmei people”, “a bridge connecting the north and the south, not separated from the shore”. There are many good stories in both places, whether it’s the historical origin or the donation and materials in this epidemic situation, to overcome the difficulties altogether. Recently, Jiujiang has also opened a free special train to take Hubei people to Xun. Because some misunderstandings, small frictions or improper words and deeds of individual people have affected the relationship between the two places, it is not worth the loss. We do not want a harmonious relationship between the two places to be destroyed by unnecessary conflicts.
On March 4, Xunyang District, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province donated 150000 masks, 1000 pairs of gloves, 300 sets of protective clothing, 75 kg of disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials to Huangmei County across the river to fight the epidemic. Photo source: People’s daily
In view of the different opinions of the two sides at present, it is imperative for the relevant parties to launch a fair investigation as soon as possible, respond to queries and settle disputes. For the sake of the overall situation, the two places should also strictly follow the latest deployment of the central government in terms of unblocking personnel exchanges, restoring traffic order and simplifying the epidemic prevention process, so as to have more consensus and more orderly arrangements.
In the most difficult time of epidemic prevention and control, all parts of the country can support Hubei, and help each other in the same boat. On the way back to work and restore life order for Hubei people and even all Chinese people, we should be more confident, more compatriots, more empathy, and help each other to seize the time delayed by the epidemic, so as to put production and life on the right track as soon as possible.